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420 Cyber, Inc.

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Badass Budtender™ has heard the cannabis industry demand for enhancing the customer experience and capturing critical decision-making data analytics as well as customer sentiment. We have sought out the best-in-class partners to deliver the industry’s premium cannabis kiosk series. Welcome to our Badass Budtender™ kiosk series.

Mission and values

Over a decade ago, we co-founded a successful and ongoing darknet1 intelligence company, thwarting cybercrime and terrorism by supporting law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies for attribution of cybercriminals and counter-terrorism. Operating silently in the background, we have been protecting you for over a decade from darknet cybercrime and terrorist attacks worldwide. Collectively we have over 100 years’ experience throughout the cybersecurity industry, providing the highest grade of cybersecurity used by law enforcement, military, government intelligence agencies and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Our founders recognized the legal cannabis industry and ancillary businesses’ need to be compliant in their cybersecurity programs as well as proactively protect their customers and investment. Although the Great Green Rush has brought many an entrepreneur and investor alike to establish their position during this infancy period, securing digital assets are often an afterthought.

We have curated a full-suite of cybersecurity products for cannabis organizations and/or ancillary business to exceed local regulatory compliance standards and push forward to a national and global level. Typical cybersecurity offerings require a large initial investment, multiple security software applications, additional hardware as well as staff to maintain. This initial large expenditure is often why business owners forego cybersecurity compliance and training, however, we can protect your entire organization starting under $500/month.

In 2016, our global proprietary darknet sensors alerted us to a large data exfiltration routing to a suspicious IP (Internet Protocol) address in real-time. We now know that suspicious activity was a cyberattack and data theft of a cannabis seed-to-sale software industry leader. Our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) team indexed those suspicious anomalies and months later, the stolen data records of over seven-million cannabis patients was offered for sale on the darknet. The entire database of patient information such as PII and PHI (Personal Identification Information and Personal Health Information) from Canada and United States was offered for sale by bad actors for $100.

Additionally, the cannabis businesses and state regulatory agencies that were adversely impacted from this negligence had their proprietary data offered for sale on a popular darknet black market site. That single cyberattack cost the seed-to-sale software leader their brand equity and clients lost revenue due to the system being down for numerous days. Furthermore, this seed-to-sale companies’ loss of contracts with state regulating bodies could have been averted from the outset had they followed ISO cybersecurity and healthcare compliance protocols. Witnessing these events in real-time of irresponsible cybersecurity management regarding legally-protected client and patient medical records, coupled with those client's and patient’s victimization by cybercriminals, is what has compelled us to deliver military-grade cybersecurity solutions to the cannabis industry starting under $500/month.

Our experts will work directly with you to develop a bespoke and compliant cybersecurity posture. Together, let’s shed the cannabis industry of the negative stigma by operating secure environments and exceeding regulatory compliance standards.
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