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More than 150 current and former athletes signed a letter sent to the World Anti-Doping Agency, asking the organization to remove marijuana from its list of prohibited substances. Boxer Mike Tyson, retired football players Jake Plummer and Ricky Will
Organic milk. Organic beef. Organic... weed? As marijuana legalization drives down the price of pot, cannabis companies are increasingly marketing premium products with the same kinds of language used by Whole Foods or winemakers, invoking sunny fiel
So far the legalization effort in Maine has looked more like that of Vermont, which only legalized personal use and cultivation. Nearly three years after Maine voters approved the legal growth and sale of adult-use marijuana, the state has finally de
Thanks to legalization and a distaste for hangovers, more Americans are choosing cannabis over alcohol and pain pills. Every night before she goes to bed, Holly Byerly takes three to four drops of a tincture that’s half CBD and half THC. “I mostly us
About 60 people stood in line Tuesday morning outside the About Wellness Ohio medical marijuana dispensary Lebanon, anticipating the opening of the first dispensary in Southwest Ohio. As registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers filed into
The ‘where-to-smoke’ dilemma is forcing change in local laws and the hospitality industry. In most legal cannabis states, consumption is allowed only in private residences. Cannabis enthusiasts are prohibited by local laws from consuming in public—as
Lawmakers from a wide range of parties have begun working on new legislation that would legalize the production and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes. The new policy would undo the government’s hard-line drug policy that allowed poli
NEW YORK, May 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CannabisNewsWire -- MjMicro Conference ( ), the next-level investor forum for publicly traded cannabis companies, is sold out for Presenting Companies. MjMicro, set to take place on June
The Wisconsin Bankers Association hosted a panel discussion with members about financial institutions’ concerns over whether it is legal to accept hemp customers and their business deposits. The plant is mostly used for cloth, fuel, and CBD oil and t
It’s the first high-end fashion brand that has entered the cannabis market, which is currently valued at around $6 billion, but is expected to reach $146.4 billion by 2024 as more states move to legalize it. For years, cannabis was contraband. Suppli
Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana, could treat opioid addiction, a new study says. Given to patients with heroin addiction, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, reduced their cravings for the illicit drug as well as their
The cannabis industry in the United States has long been centered around such states as Colorado and Oregon, but now, marijuana sales in Illinois and its neighboring states east of the Mississippi River are poised to rival those out west. The U.S. ca
With talks of a new collective bargaining agreement underway, the NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to form two new joint medical committees, partly to study marijuana as a potential pain-management tool for NFL players. As reported by Mark
Cannabis may have originated high on the Tibetan Plateau, according to an analysis of fossil pollen. While this medicinal and psychotropic plant was long thought to have first evolved in central Asia, scientists were hazy on the precise location. Tha
A new report projects the cannabis market in the United States will reach $22.7 billion in sales by 2023. The estimates in the Brightfield Group report imply a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent over the next four years. The recreationa
The world’s first beer brewed from cannabis will be ready when Canada legalizes cannabis beverages later this year. But preparing for a new product for a new market is no small challenge. “You’re setting sail in a ship that is totally not built yet,
Arizona farmers can begin planting hemp in early June. Hemp industry applications are due by May 31, and it can take just days for applicants to receive licensing. One area that the committee is having trouble with is what to do with crops that test
The Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention took place at the Champlain Valley Expo this weekend. The recreational use of marijuana has been legal in the state for almost a year. And this year's convention doubled in size from 63 vendors last year, to 1
The word ‘cannabis’ now has several sub-entries which reflect the new world of legal weed.  Since the mid-19th century, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been the authoritative historical dictionary of the English language. The comprehensive to
Veterans in North Dakota can now get medical marijuana, without a doctor's recommendation. The VA cannot recommend the drug since it is still illegal at the federal level. But with a growing belief in its benefits for our veterans, North Dakota has f
For some people, pot is more appealing than powerful opioids. Since February, patients in Illinois have been able to ditch their opioid prescriptions for marijuana. A new program is designed to let patients who might not qualify for the state’s regul
As more and more recreational marijuana shops open across Massachusetts, state regulators turned their focus Thursday toward the next frontier of the industry’s rollout: Social consumption establishments. Otherwise known as cannabis cafes or marijuan
The effectiveness of cannabis in treating PTSD symptoms is well-known and proven.  The state of Georgia was shaken in April by news of two veterans dying by suicide in a two-day period. With both deaths occurring near hospitals servicing the Departme
The onetime communications director for Colorado's largest dispensary chain has experience in the cannabis industry and with its constantly changing laws that few can rival, and she puts that experience to good use in her newly published Cannabis for
As the Texas Legislature debates the expansion of the current medical marijuana law, one San Antonio family is seeing the benefits of the medical cannabis oil they give to their son. For the past year, David and Melyssa Stallcup have been giving thei