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While the majority of Americans want the legalization of cannabis now, only 16% did in 1987 and 1990, the years with the joint-lowest support. A record 61% of Americans say pot should be legalized, according to the respected General Social Survey. Th
From skin-care lotions to bottled water, cannabis companies are rolling out a growing array of consumer products infused with a chemical found in marijuana called cannabidiol, or CBD. The compound doesn’t have the ingredient that gives marijuana user
If you are wondering whether to choose hemp or linen for your next fabric purchase, here’s what you need to know first. Hemp and linen are two natural fibers, both with long histories and a wide variety of uses. Both come from plants which have been
The Illinois Department of Agriculture has submitted their final draft of rules for the industrial hemp program. There were a few noteworthy changes made from the initial draft that was posted back in late Dec. 2018. Part of the rulemaking process in
Scientists hope CBD could ease symptoms associated with concussions and traumatic brain injury. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 33 U.S. states, with 10 of those states also green-lighting recreational use. Last year Canada legalized cannabis
Seedo estimates that the project will produce at least 14 tons of dry cannabis buds generating $24 million in revenues within three years. Israel-based cannabis farming startup Seedo (listed as Eroll Grow Tech Ltd.) has partnered with northern Israel
While Chanda Macias researched new treatments for cancer she became fascinated with cannabis as a medicine. Chanda L. Macias earned her MBA in supply chain management and a PhD on cancer research. While researching her thesis she found many reference
Kentucky’s resurgent hemp sector flexed more economic clout in 2018, with processors reporting sharply higher sales and farmers reaping more than twice as much income from their crop, the state’s agriculture commissioner said Monday. The state’s hemp
Massachusetts Cannabis Chefs Joseph Nelson and Patrick Mulcahy started hosting infused dinner parties the day cannabis became recreationally legal in Massachusetts in December 2016 and utilize a sponsor to provide their “gifts.” Tara Sue Sharp dotes
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) quietly issued an advisory earlier this month clarifying rules around mailing cannabis preparations, saying that “some CBD products derived from industrial hemp can be mailable under specific conditions.” The memo also
Brides and grooms looking to add a little extra greenery to their nuptials had a chance to check out the newest trends at Calgary’s first-ever cannabis wedding expo on Saturday. Since cannabis was legalized in Canada, wedding vendors say they’ve been
Marijuana edible enthusiasts rejoice: the creator of the Jelly Belly jelly bean has launched a line of sweets infused with the cannabis-derived compound cannabidiol. Candy inventor David Klein has concocted CBD-infused jelly beans in 38 flavors rangi
From stigma and steep costs to limits on where they can administer the drug, parents who give their children medical cannabis in Minnesota face challenges. Andrea Devora can still hear the loud thud on her front door. A Minneapolis police officer and
Alabama has approved applications from 180 farmers who want to grow hemp, and the first crop will be planted by April, said Alabama Department of Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate. “The people who have applied are serious farmers,” Pate said. “These
Working from his garage in Wilmington NC, Kyle Trivisonno, a board-certified prosthetic technician, was able to create a prosthetic leg out of hemp fibers, which he says is a safer, cheaper and stronger alternative to the traditional carbon, fibergla
Probably not -- but it might be part of the solution. Cannabis is deeply misunderstood. It has been hailed as a potential hero in the fight against all ailments, including cancer and the opioid epidemic. It has also been called the devil’s lettuce, w
 A new report by cannabis data firm Headset explores the differences in price that have arisen across these state markets. As US states have legalized cannabis over the past decade, they’ve created a patchwork of small economies. These economies are
A smattering of southwest Missouri entrepreneurs were among the more than 1,800 attendees who showed up for the state's first legal medical cannabis trade show, which drew consultants, grow-light purveyors and debt collection agencies based in Colora
An increasing number of retired professional athletes are turning for cannabis for pain relief and a new career. Pro athletes are swarming to cannabis. NFL Hall of Famer, Joe Montana recently announced his entrance into the cannabis industry. This mo
Growing hemp is now legal in Massachusetts, and in the United States. But many Massachusetts farmers still cannot grow hemp due to a barrier posed by state law relating to the definition of agricultural land. Lawmakers are considering whether to chan
Last month the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors voted to implement a temporary moratorium on hemp cultivation, citing among other issues concerns about the cross pollination with marijuana, cannabis plants containing the psychoactive compound TH
For the first time in his 45 years in the cannabis industry, Steve DeAngelo is feeling pretty darn carefree. But as the co-founder of one of California's most iconic dispensaries, he has a word of warning for states looking to legalize: watch your ta
As medical cannabis legalization spreads, more patients are turning to the plant for their complaints and illnesses. According to a new report from CB2 Insights, sufferers of mood-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic str
“Someday it will be as common as corn and beans." Douglas County farmer Scott Thellman traveled three hours, despite forecasts of snow and sleet, to be at the meeting. And, on a cold, late February morning, he wasn’t alone. More than 300 others from
Cooking with cannabis has evolved beyond the edibles of our youth, which were often viewed as a delivery vehicle for an intense high rather than a legitimate culinary pursuit. While marijuana hasn’t yet been legalized on a federal level, recent devel