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Company appoints seasoned consumer packaged goods leader to bring and grow acquired brands to Canada, Jamaica, the United States and other international markets CANADA: Weekend Unlimited announced the appointment of Mr. Paul Chu to the role of Presid
Generally the patient learns what dosage works for them. But this can be a variable effect based upon many factors including sleep patterns, variability of symptoms of the disease process, mental state among others. Marijuana dosing, what is the tric
“Nobody expected it to be so soon, and moreso, nobody expected it to be Luxembourg.” Last month, Luxembourg set the wheels in motion to legalize recreational cannabis. This would make Luxembourg the first European Union country to do so, setting a pr
Today, women in the cannabis industry are creating and influencing products — such as cannabis-infused balms and edibles for hot flashes, migraines and pregnancy-related muscle pains — and molding corporate culture to be female-friendly from the grou
CANADA: Tilray, a global leader in cannabis research and production, announced the terms of a binding letter of intent to purchase hemp-derived CBD isolate from LiveWell Canada, which will be sourced from the United States and Canada and utilized for
Independent testing laboratory in final phase to perform state compliance testing OREGON: EVIO, a leading provider of cannabis testing and research for the regulated cannabis industry in North America announced that it received a provisional license
By David Wenger, Esq. NEW YORK: Should a 12-year-old girl in Colorado with intractable epilepsy be restricted to the boundaries of Colorado in order to have access to life-saving medical cannabis? Alexis Bortell suffered from multiple daily seizures
VIRGINIA: Liquid formulations of CBD available on the commercial market have been identified to contain synthetic cannabinoids and other psychoactive constituents, according to a scientific analysis published in the journal Forensic Science Internati
City alcohol regulators in Asheville say they're making some preparations to sell marijuana should it become legal in North Carolina. Asheville Alcoholic Beverage Control officials made the statements during and after a Tuesday City Council meeting w
MISSOURI: Amendment 2, the state’s voter-initiated medical cannabis access law, took effect on Thursday, December 6th. Sixty-six percent of voters approved the measure in November, while rejecting a pair of competing initiatives. State regulators hav
In Canada, the first holiday season post-legalization has opened up a social minefield for those unsure how their use will be perceived and for others uneasy about acknowledging a new era, says one cannabis observer. Reena Rampersad doesn't hide her
The relationship between bees and cannabis is making headlines in both the scientific and entrepreneurial world. And it just may be a match made in heaven. Case in points: A recent experiment shows that hemp may produce a needed pollen source for str
Hemp advocates held a news conference Thursday in Denver to tout the expected legalization and thank Trump in advance for signing the bill. The president is expected to sign the bill next week. Prepare to see more hemp beer, food, supplements and clo
LESOTHO: Halo Labs announced it has signed a letter of intent to enter into a partnership with Bophelo Bioscience and Wellness Pty Ltd, a Lesotho based cannabis company. Halo will provide management services and expertise to build, design and operate
High Park enters into sale, supply, distribution and marketing agreement with ROSE as its exclusive partner in Québec CANADA: Tilray, a global pioneer in cannabis production and distribution, today announced an investment in Québec-based cannabis pro
CALIFORNIA:  The Fresno City Council adopted an ordinance regulating the production and sale of cannabis, with a 5-2 vote. The ordinance is the product of a year-long effort by the Council Cannabis Sub-Committee, made up of Council Member Clint Olivi
WASHINGTON: Effective today, the below interim policies have been implemented for marijuana packaging, labeling the product approval process, and guidelines. BIP-10-2018, Packaging and Labeling Requirements  This interim policy clarifies the procedur
If you need life advice, ask around. If you need good life advice, ask a mom. And if you need good life advice on enjoying cannabis in the home you share with children, ask some weed-loving moms. Better yet, ask some weed-loving moms who also happen
Ireland's Health Minister has said he hopes to roll out a new law around legalising cannabis for medicinal use in 2019. Health Minister Simon Harris would like to see a homegrown crop of medical marijuana in the future. With calls to decriminalise me
The luxury CBD oil and confectionary company’s products just got even easier to find, with hundreds of new distribution points in Kohanoff Affiliated gas stations across Southern California CALIFORNIA:  Swissx Oil & Confectionery and Kohanoff Affilia
What is believed to be Maine’s first marijuana convenience store, one of only a handful in operation in the country, will open Thursday in Portland. The products that Atlantic Farms sells out of a renovated walk-in cooler include smokable marijuana a
Ten internationally-renowned business and government leaders to advise company on global expansion CANADA: Tilray, a global pioneer in cannabis production and distribution, today announced the formation of its International Advisory Board, an esteeme
OHIO: Cresco Labs, one of the largest vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States, announced that it has been granted the first approval to operate a marijuana dispensary in the state of Ohio. The new facility located in
OLCC Seeks Applicants for Metrc User Group OREGON: The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is seeking licensees, medical registrants tracked in the Cannabis Tracking System, and employees of licensees or registrants for vacant seats on its Metrc User Gr
FLORIDA: Integrated Cannabis Solutions  has agreed to purchase the 200 acre farm the test grow is being planted on, after a successful harvest of the 20 acres. The purchase of the farm will give Integrated a solid real estate Asset on the books. The