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5 CBD Hemp Oil Things That Made CBD The Most Important Cannabinoid

CBD has truly contributed the most important thing to the cannabis industry- The change in the people's perspective towards cannabis.

And this perspective is continuously improving ever since CBD, the cannabinoid that has therapeutic properties similar to THC without the drawback of getting you high is available to the public post the passing of the hemp Farm Bill in 2014.Cannabis was just considered to be a substance used to get high in spite of its medicinal properties. When the researchers revealed that it is not the whole plant that contributes to the intoxicated state of the user but just one cannabinoid- THC, the plant was seen with a different perspective.
Today, the CBD hemp oil market has almost reached the mark of $1 billion and is expected to double by 2020. In fact, with already an FDA approved CBD medication for epilepsy, the experts expect a huge amendment in the Hemp Farming Act in 2018 of legalizing hemp-based CBD. 
It has just been four years since the Hemp Farm Bill was introduced and CBD is already contributing to the economy on a large scale.

But what made CBD this huge a success? How did CBD become the most important cannabinoid? 

 Why are CBD oils breaking the cannabis market records?

Let's find out!

5 Things That Propelled The Success of CBD Hemp Oil 

1) Unlike Cannabis, CBD Hemp Oil Is Legal in All 50 States
This is probably the most frequently asked question, 'Is CBD hemp oil legal?'. Well, yes, it is legal to consume hemp-derived CBD oil in all 50 states. ​After the Farm Bill was passed in 2014, the states were allowed to conduct research on the industrial hemp. The only condition was that the products must have less than 0.3% THC in its content.
After the Farm Bill was passed in 2014, the states were allowed to conduct research on the industrial hemp. The only condition was that the products must have less than 0.3% THC in its content.
While THC-based CBD oils are allowed only in those states that have medical and recreational marijuana programs, CBD hemp oil does not have any legal liability. ​This fact has contributed largely to the popularity of CBD. The results of the CBD products are so overwhelming that the DEA might be removing CBD from the controlled substance list in 2018 Farm Bill.
2) The Most Obvious Reason- CBD Won't Get You High
 Like I mentioned, cannabis was always the victim of judgment for its psychoactive effects even though people experienced its benefits. CBD changed that.

CBD is the non-psychotic cannabinoid found in all the species of the cannabis Genus but its presence is dominant in the industrial hemp. 

CBD hemp oil has the same health benefits in a milder form as THC but unlike, THC, it didn't induce any psychotic effects which is precisely why it became popular.
People who were opposed to the idea of having to rely on the psychedelic effects of cannabis to improve their health found a way to do both. CBD oils allowed the users to improve their health the natural way without the fear of abusing.
3) ​CBD Became A Natural Alternative For Many Patients

You would be living under a rock if you have not read the account of Charlotte Figi and her successful fight against epileptic seizures using CBD oil.

Although the patients suffering from severe health ailments such as epilepsy and cancer go with medical marijuana, CBD oils have their own account of success stories.

There are many diseases which aren't that responsive to the conventional medical care. And if there are, the side effects are major.

CBD hemp oil has allowed the patients to choose a natural alternative that not only is effective for a plethora of diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, pain, anxiety, etc. but is completely natural.

With no chemical inclusion in the products, the users don't have to fear about the side effects making it an ideal pick for the ones who prefer natural over anything else.

4) Not Just One Way To Consume CBD Which Makes It An Interesting Option

​How many options are there for consuming your medications apart from oral?

In what ways did you include cannabis in your routine if not for smoking it?
There aren't many options, or rather none when it comes to conventional medicines.
And definitely, you can't cook with using your medicines, right?
 CBD is a winner in this respect as there are plenty of ways to consume CBD. As we all know, CBD oil is the most popular way of including this cannabinoid in your lifestyle.
Apart from that, you could get CBD edibles, CBD candies, CBD beverages, CBD vape liquids, CBD concentrates, CBD capsules, CBD balms, CBD creams, and more.
Most importantly, if you don't like any of them, you could always cook using CBD hemp oil. There are numerous recipes you could try including smoothies, cookies, and more.

In all, you could eat CBD, drink CBD, vape CBD, apply CBD on your skin, use it sublingually, and much more.

The limitations of having no choice for oral methods do not apply to CBD making it a preferable option for the users.
6) CBD Could Be Used For A Plethora Of Health Issues

Medical marijuana programs do allow the patients to fight their illnesses but you may not fall into the same category of the conditions set for its approval by the state.

CBD is a popular alternative for treating epilepsy. And as I mentioned it earlier, FDA also approved a drug that has CBD in it which clearly points to the efficacy of this cannabinoid.

CBD hemp oil is a go-to product for the patients suffering from chronic pain including some high-end athletes. Many MMA fighters have publicly spoken about the benefits of CBD including its capability of treating chronic pain and assistance in nullifying addiction problems.

With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, cannabidiol is believed to be a reliable treatment for fighting diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases.
In all, although CBD is just one cannabinoid, its uses have an extensive reach without causing side effects in the users. Being absolutely natural only motivates the people to at least try it out.
 Final Inference
The credit of popularity of CBD as a cannabinoid goes to its goodness which doesn't compel the users to agree to any side effects that THC and other medications do. Easy availability, pleasant to use, and no legal liabilities are some of the factors that add to the preferability of CBD hemp oil. Its therapeutic benefits are acknowledged by some of the most prominent faces of the country which is a sign of reliability.
What more can I say?! All you need to do is try yourself!
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