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About Mold Resistant Strains

The story of Mold Resistant Strains started on my first trip to Southeast Asia. I had been growing in Hawaii for the past decade, and was getting a little lonely up on the mountain. We live off-grid there, in a rural part of the Big Island with all the same folk. I wasn't a ladies man then, nor am I much of one now, but I wanted to try my luck with the Thai women. I enjoyed the food I had tried from my friend's Thai restaurant in Hawaii, and from him heard some stories about the fun & debauchery there so I figured I'd give it a try.

Well, I'm glad I did because I loved Thailand. The first few months were wild, I was out partying every night with people I don't remember and places I can't recall. Those were wild times for a few years, until slowly my libido caught up with me. 

Flash forward five years and here I am now. I go back and forth between Thailand, Laos and Hawaii. The great thing about Laos is that it's right next door and the cannabis culture is thick. While technically illegal, the cops don't really raise a finger, and as a result a lot of locals are able to grow plants at home for their own personal supply. This is where most of the "Thai weed" actually is grown. 

I would doubt the authenticity of some of the marketed "Thai strains" put out by seed companies. Most likely, these are bag seed obtained in these areas you see on the label like Koh Chang sativa, Hmong sativa, yeah sure.... that's probably where the seeds were picked up yes, but unless there's a local breeder who sourced them, any bag seed is likely from Lao-grown buds. 

The cops in Thailand are pretty tough against growers, so you don't see the kind of mass production you get next door in Laos, which is why so much brick weed can be found in Thailand. If it's uncompressed, you may be lucky enough to actually be getting real deal Thai, which is great too :)

Anyways, I love these sativa strains out here and I hope to get some available for my startup seed company. Back in Hawaii we have tried growing a few and so far they prove to be very potent, mold resistant strains grown outdoors, however their flowering times are varied and often very long. The future will tell what these genetics have in store for us.

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Sativa and indica. Landrace and IBL. Feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds. Good strains for the outdoors, mold resistant strains, powdery mildew resistant strains, outdoor and indoor strains.
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