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What Too Much Coffee Can Do To Your Endocannabinoid System - Cannabis News

Coffee and weed are a pairing that is here to stay. They go together like they were made for each other, and maybe they were. But here’s how coffee can throw a wrench into that relationship.

It’s the classic mixture that gets a lot of people going in the morning: coffee and cannabis.

But at least one study shows that drinking more than three cups per day has an impact on your endocannabinoid system.

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Mary Schumacher ~ ~ 

California’s medical cannabis ID card system has collapsed - Cannabis News

Virtually none of the estimated hundreds of thousands of California patients entitled to purchase tax-free cannabis are getting those savings -- because the state’s medical marijuana ID card system has collapsed, new data from the California Department of Public Health shows.

In a state of 40 million people, just 4,551 patients had the official medical marijuana ID card, according to CDPH totals for the fiscal year 2018-2019, which ended June 30.

Adult-use legalization -- with its 600 stores and delivery services, plus the legal right to grow at home -- has made the card partially obsolete for adults 21 and over. 

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David Downs ~ ~

As Illinois Prepares To Legalize Pot, Public Housing Tenants Not Allowed To Partake - Cannabis News

Recreational pot is about to become legal in Illinois, but Chicago's Housing Authority says not in our backyard or front yard or anywhere on public housing premises, for that matter.

Housing voucher recipients received a letter from the agency last week, warning them about the ramifications of smoking or possessing pot on federally funded grounds even after it becomes legal on Jan. 1.

In a nutshell, those who violate the federal law could face eviction. 

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Vanessa Romo ~ ~ 

Neil Young faces US citizenship delay over marijuana use - Cannabis News

Neil Young is facing a delay in his application for US citizenship after honestly answering a question about his marijuana use.

In a letter to fans posted on his website, the Canadian songwriter said that he passed the test for citizenship, but that he has been called to take another test “due to my use of marijuana and how some people who smoke it have a problem”.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services added a policy in April 2019, proposed by Jeff Sessions during his period as attorney general, which states: “An applicant who is involved in certain marijuana related activities may lack GMC (Good Moral Character) if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity is not unlawful under applicable state of foreign laws.”

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Laura Snapes ~ ~ 

UK: Two cannabis-based medicines approved by National Health Service - Cannabis News

Two cannabis-based medicines, used to treat epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, have been approved for use by the NHS in England.

It follows new guidelines from the drugs advisory body NICE, which looked at products for several conditions.

Charities have welcomed the move, although some campaigners who have been fighting for access to the drugs have said it does not go far enough. 

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Fergus Walsh ~ ~ 

Why Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Classifications Mean Close to Nothing - Cannabis News

Are these classifications accurate, and — perhaps more importantly — can they be used to authentically predict a person’s experience when consuming cannabis?

While poking around your local dispensary, it’s almost guaranteed that you will speak or hear the terms “indica,” “sativa,” or “hybrid,” at least once.

These three terms remain, by far, the most common for describing the attributes and effects of cannabis flower — and even products like edibles and vapes lay claim to the categories.

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Danielle Simone Brand ~ ~ 

How Vietnam veterans expanded America’s cannabis strains - Cannabis News

Soldiers not only used locally-grown cannabis to cope with the stresses of war while in country; they also brought seeds home to North America, where they would become the progenitors of some of today’s most popular strains.

Veterans in the U.S. and Canada are becoming increasingly open to trying cannabis when first-line drugs aren’t working. But their governments aren’t making it easy.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs still refuses to prescribe it, even though many veterans report finding relief from chronic pain and PTSD by using medical cannabis.

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Alana Armstrong ~ ~ 

Former NBA commissioner David Stern says league should reconsider marijuana ban - Cannabis News

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern says the league’s ban on marijuana is outdated and should be reconsidered in the next collective bargaining agreement.

“I think it’s time to take a whole new look at it,” Stern, 77, said in an interview Wednesday with CNBC at the SeventySix Capital Sports Innovation Conference in Philadelphia.

In a wide-ranging conversation, he also touched on China’s rift with the NBA and retired star Tim Duncan’s return to the court as a coach.

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Jabari Young ~ ~ 

Belgian Jewish baker launches mass-produced cannabis bread - Cannabis News

When it hits the shelves later this month, the organic Cannabread will have the taste and smell of the plant without the intoxicating effects, says Lowy bakery.

Connoisseurs can find a wide range of products containing cannabis in the Netherlands, where it has long been practically legal: Cannabis popsicles, lollipops, chocolate and soap are but a few of the products available for purchase in the Dutch capital.

But don’t expect to have an easy time of it if you’re looking for something to hold your lunchtime turkey slices. For that, you will need to take a trip to neighboring Belgium, where a Jewish baker is about to launch Europe’s first commercial line of cannabis bread.

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Cnaan Liphsihz ~ Times of Israel ~ 

California mom challenging district over child's use of cannabis oil at school - Cannabis News

"It is OK for him to have valium in class... but God forbid we have a plant that is changing things not just for him but for million of kids like him."

Nicole Salazar has an entire cupboard set aside in her kitchen for the medications her 6-year-old son, Jeremiah, must rely on.

"Jeremiah was diagnosed with epilepsy at two. At age four we transferred care to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles where he got diagnosis of Lennox Gastaut Syndrome," said Salazar.

Despite his energetic appearance the first grader battles with daily debilitating seizures. Three years ago, Salazar turned to cannabis oil to get his symptoms under control.

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Michigan State Police Don't Know What to do With All These Marijuana Smells - Cannabis News

Recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan on December 6, 2018. However, law enforcement is still coming to terms with what it means for investigations and arrests.

WMMT reports that in the eleven months since marijuana use became legal, state police have been struggling with how to respond in situations where weed smoke is detected.

According to Michigan State Police sergeant Andrew Jeffrey, civilians are still calling in to report smelling marijuana smoke, but police no longer have the remit to investigate those calls if the culprits are smoking legally.

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K Thor Jensen ~ ~ 


Too much weed: Canadian cannabis producers are sitting on a mountain of inventory - Cannabis News

'I suspect it’ll be a race to the bottom with price because everyone now has more than enough supply.'

Canadian cannabis producers and extractors are sitting on a massive stash of unfinished inventory that is growing so quickly that some analysts are concerned it could precipitate a price crash in the burgeoning industry.

Since January of 2019, the amount of unfinished inventory of dried cannabis has nearly tripled, reaching a staggering 328,000 kilograms at the end of August.

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Vanmala Subramaniam ~ Financial Post ~ 

High flyers: legal cannabis creates grey area for US airports - Cannabis News

As US states continue to legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use, an awkward tangle of conflicting state and federal laws is proving confusing for airport passengers.

Is cannabis legal in the US? Anyone even vaguely familiar with the topic knows this is a more complex question than it seems.

Since California became the first state in the nation to legalise medical cannabis in 1996, a wave of marijuana legalisation – for recreational use as well as medical – has swept across the country.

Colorado and Washington were the first two states to legalise recreational cannabis, and others have followed suit. 

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Hemp-Based Construction Materials Are Building Sustainable Homes - Cannabis News

“Hempcrete is mold proof, nontoxic, fire-resistant, biodegradable, and, unlike fiberglass installation, it doesn’t use chemicals or toxins.”

Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile crops. From textiles to food, building materials to paper and plastic, it’s the Swiss Army knife of plants.

Now that hemp is legal both in Canada and the United States, consumers and businesses can finally explore the true potential of the long-overlooked weed. 

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Patricia Miller ~ Cannabis & Tech Today ~

Two Cannabis Hotels Are Coming to Coachella Valley - Cannabis News

A wellness-focused Coachill Inn Resort in Desert Hot Springs is slated to bow in December 2020, while The Grape House luxe smoking lounge-dispensary-boutique hotel in Palm Springs is set to open in 2021.

“Cannabis is the new gold rush!” veteran hotelier Roger Bloss, a partner in eight large 420-friendly developments in California and throughout the U.S, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The cannabis industry has made headlines with many firsts in California, from Lowell Café (the original THC smokery and eatery in the U.S. that opened in West Hollywood on Oct. 1) to a hipster art gallery-dispensary-retail emporium in downtown Los Angeles from lifestyle cannabis brand Stiiizy, which debuted in August. 

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Ingrid Schmidt ~ ~ 

Canadian Study: Cannabis could help treat depression in people with PTSD - Cannabis News

Could cannabis hold the key to treating depression in people with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)?

A new study by the University of British Columbia and the B.C. Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) suggests pot could hold promise.

For the study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers looked at Statistics Canada data from 24,000 Canadians.

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Simon Little ~ Global News ~ 

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A Master’s In Marijuana? University Of Maryland Explores New Frontier In Higher Ed - Cannabis News

The degree aims to increase formal expertise in marijuana for people looking to recommend and sell the drug to patients.

Before she sets off for work each day in downtown D.C., Summer Kriegshauser logs on to a website where she makes her way through lectures and classwork.

Like many Washington denizens, she’s working toward a master’s degree — her second, in fact — with the hope that the additional credential will offer her a chance to change careers.

But what sets her program apart is its subject: marijuana.

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Medical cannabis trial will target 20,000 UK patients - Cannabis News

Up to 20,000 patients in the UK are to be given medical cannabis over a two-year period in an initiative that aims to create the largest body of evidence on the drug in Europe.

The move, to be unveiled on Thursday, is backed by one of the UK’s leading medical bodies and it is hoped it will persuade the NHS to prescribe the drug for a range of conditions.

Although medical cannabis was legalised in the UK a year ago, it remains unobtainable for many patients, according to campaigners.

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Jamie Doward and Lily Gordon Brown ~ ~ 

South Dakota Marijuana Activists Turn In More Than Enough Signatures For 2020 Ballot Questions - Cannabis News

South Dakota residents will likely get the chance to vote on two different marijuana initiatives during next year’s election.

On Monday, advocates submitted more than 50,000 signatures for a proposed constitutional ballot measure to legalize cannabis for adult use, which is being sponsored by a former federal prosecutor, and more than 30,000 signatures for a separate statutory initiative seeking to establish a medical marijuana program in the state.

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Kyle Jaeger ~ ~ 

The cannabis industry generates tons of extra waste. Here’s why - Cannabis News

Like any agricultural industry, cannabis generates a fair amount of solid waste. And like other retail industries, cannabis creates packaging materials that end up in landfills.

But because of the uniquely strict regulations attached to cannabis, the industry ends up producing far more waste than comparative industries.

Start with the “green waste” that comes from growing operations: cannabis stalks and roots, trimmed materials, along with contaminated, spoiled or damaged plants.

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Bruce Kennedy ~ ~