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Cash Transport and Security Assessments

 We provide low profile Cash Transport and Security Assessments for your marijuana business...

The recently regulated use of marijuana in California brings both good and bad times for legal growers and sellers of marijuana and cannabis-related products.If your business has to do with the sale of marijuana, cannabis and associated products, you should take security seriously.

There has to be a free flow of products and cash for you to remain in business and be successful.

The current legal inconsistencies between federal, state and local laws make it difficult to protect product and cash.

But you don't have to worry about that as we are here to provide...

* A secure method to transport large amounts of currency away from your business location.

* Secure, nondescript off-site currency storage locations.

* The best-armed protection and transport specialists with professional compliance.

* Physical building upgrades to protect your people, property, and profits.

And much more.

Contact us today for a personalized security solution for your cannabis business operations

Call us now at 888-818-2790.


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