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Is This Pot Ad With a Happily Stoned Mom for Real? Well, Yes and No - Cannabis News

The 90-second parody video mimics now-infamous pharma ads in its look, tone and voiceover.

Life can be a real buzzkill. There’s the mortgage to stress about, the tiger moms to compete with, the kids and the aging parents to care for.

What does a Gen X gal with a little disposable income have to do for some relief around here? Subscribe to a marijuana delivery service that can send over “the dankest herb” and “the real sticky icky,” and fire one up.

Sweet bliss! A new digital ad, launching today, introduces Briteside, a startup in Oregon that delivers weed in as little as 90 minutes to residents of Portland, Bend and Ashland (there’s an in-store pickup option, too).

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