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The Henry Levy Group

Full Description

The Henry Levy Group is a Cannabis Accounting Services Business.

Hank Levy founded The Henry Levy Group in 1991 in the vibrant Rockridge district of Oakland, California, where it still operates today. The firm was originally established as Henry C. Levy & Company, CPAs and Consultants, but has grown to accommodate its current range of services and new faces.

Hank’s early work in political activism helped shape his vision of creating a business that offers a collegial partnership approach with clients, in addition to a satisfying and positive work environment for employees. Hank’s vision has flourished since his doors first opened and has fueled the firm’s development over the years.


Today, The Henry Levy Group has an experienced, dedicated and diverse team of professionals who work closely with clients throughout the Bay Area and beyond to help them achieve their financial goals.  The firm has built its business and its reputation by consistently delivering work that is thorough, professional and accountable. And with a collaborative, congenial manner, The Henry Levy Group strives to provide its clients with easily understood solutions using efficient, time-saving technology-based processes.



Our team takes pride in its work and never forgets that when all is said and done, security and peace of mind are what clients expect and deserve from The Henry Levy Group.

Specific details


California, United States, North America
2352 Market Street. San Francisco, California 94114