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Root Marketing

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What Makes Root Marketing Different?

Root Marketing believes that design and marketing go hand-in-hand. We live in an extremely visual society and if your company’s brand does not resonate with a viewer then you are losing customers. You may have an amazing product or service, but without a well-developed and properly executed marketing strategy people will not be able to find your product or service nor see the value in it.

It is our job is to help your company utilize design and marketing to build a strong foundation for growth.

Why Roots?

Before your business was born, you had an idea that sparked birth of your company. This idea was like a seed and if you wanted it to grow into something more than an idea you had to nurture it.

Roots are the most important and powerful part of a plant. They provide the plant with a strong foundation for growth and supply the plant with water and nutrients during its lifetime. Without strong roots a tree cannot survive. Root Marketing will help your business build a strong foundation for growth by providing your company with the strong roots its need to grow.
You Help us Restore an American Forest!

Every Time you complete a design project or marketing campaign with Root, we will plant 5 trees in your company’s name in a American forest.

Today more than ever America’s majestic National Forests are threatened by unprecedented challenges. When you work with Root Marketing you contribute to protecting and restoring our National Forest System.

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California, United States, North America
25 Mauchly, Ste 325 , 92618