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The Smoke Exchange is the 1st self serve platform for Marijuana.

Introduction The Smoke Exchange is a self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. It will connect advertisers and publishers directly and make advertising opportunities readily available and affordable for cannabis businesses. The legalization of cannabis has opened up a promising new market for many organizations and businesses. Research indicates that the legal use of marijuana is on the rise globally, and statistics show a steady annual growth in the industry. However, the industry is prohibited from using traditional advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, etc. Washington, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, California, Alaska, Colorado and Oregon already allow the recreational use of marijuana. Also, a total of 28 states have signed up for medical use of marijuana. Canada is scheduled to legalize marijuana in July of 2018 and many other countries around the world are following suit. Using data provided by BDS Analytics, it is predicted that the legalized marijuana industry will grow from $6 billion in 2016 to over $25 billion in 2020. As a consequence, marijuana marketing will be bigger than ever from this year onward. Recently, Apple allowed marijuana applications into its app store after many petitions from several cannabis companies. This is clear proof that there is already a shift in the needle which will shift even more in the months to come. The fledgling cannabis advertising industry is growing in leaps and bounds compared to a few years back when there weren't a lot of companies that paid attention to that part of their business. The problem that plagues the industry is the restrictions that traditional media companies place on their ability to advertise. There is a lack of clarity surrounding why traditional media outlets restrict marijuana advertisements on their platforms. In some cases, publishers are banned, whilst others are allowed, even when they all follow the same guidelines. This has created an uneasy relationship between the legal cannabis industry and traditional media. The steady growth of the cannabis industry means that many marijuana brands are making millions of dollars every year. However, the growth is stunted by the limitations faced in the advertising industry. The only way to avert this is by reaching out to new customers through an efficient and effective advertising model. This is where the Smoke Exchange comes in. The Smoke Exchange is the first platform to cater solely to the advertising needs of the marijuana industry. It is a self-serve digital marketplace for advertisers and publishers to connect directly and trade. Advertisers and publishers will be able to buy and sell advertising space in an efficient manner with no restrictions using cryptocurrencies. The Smoke Exchange token-(SMX) will act primarily as the medium of exchange between publishers and advertisers. It will also be a store of value for investors. This document explains how The Smoke Exchange will revolutionize advertising in the cannabis industry. This document will also cover The Smoke Exchanges diverse features, technology, crowd-sale (ICO), proposal, roadmap and the benefits of investing with us. Page 5 Background The legal use of marijuana has grown exponentially over the last few years and was valued over an estimated $6.3 billion in 2016 alone. Adult recreational and medical marijuana sales are expected to grow from $6.3 billion in 2016 to $25 billion in 2020. A report from the New Frontier Data states that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs1 . This is a growing industry, with massive potential and the advertising aspect has not been fully explored. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have become very popular over the last few years thus enabling a safe, decentralized, and often anonymous environment to trade and do business in. For the first time ever, users have at their disposal an utterly digital medium for peer-to-peer exchange, enabled by blockchain technology. This technology could prove to be the most innovative in computing for a generation. It has enabled popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), DopeCoin (DOPE), Ethereum (ETH), etc to become the currency of choice for digital transactions. Marketing agencies have been the go-to advertising providers for the majority of marijuana companies. However, most of their traffic packages are filled with low-quality inventories that only generate extra revenue for publishers and middlemen to the detriment of the marijuana companies. These campaigns are often expensive, but advertisers still buy them due to the lack of viable alternatives. So far, the industry has remained localized. In most cases, small and upcoming cannabis companies cannot afford these advertising campaigns without stretching themselves too thin to survive in a very competitive industry. The big companies that can afford these agencies do not get value for their money as most of the campaigns are for local audiences which inhibit their ability to spread their message to a wider audience. The current model being employed by traditional media platforms is expensive, inefficient and ineffective. The Smoke exchange aims to solve this problem of advertising inefficiencies and ineffectiveness by providing a self-serve platform that allows the user to track their conversions and statistics in real-time which will allow them to optimize their campaigns for maximum profit. 1 https://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/02/22/marijuana-industry-projected-to-create-more-jobsthan-manufacturing-by-2020/#9646cac3fa92 Page 6 Objectives (Proposed Solutions) The Smoke Exchanges main goal is to address the challenges that the marijuana industry currently faces trying to advertise their products. This digital marketplace will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a real-time auction based bidding platform. It is the first self-serve exchange in the marijuana industry and will operate 100% on cryptocurrencies. Different Forms of Advertising The Smoke exchange is a one stop shop for all types of advertising. Publishers will be able to list their banner placements on the platform, and companies and advertisers can choose and bid on a variety of packages and advertising methods that best suits their needs. These methods include; • Digital/Online Advertising • Mobile/Cell phone Advertising • Banner Ads • Social Media Advertising • Pop Up Ads on websites Targeted Advertising The Smoke exchange will make it easy for advertisers to buy targeted advertising. Traditional forms of advertising, including radio, billboards, magazines, and newspapers, are progressively being replaced by online advertisements. The importance of targeted advertising is set to increase in the next generation of advertising, as it expands across different Information and communication technology (ICT) channels such as mobile, web and IPTV. Conversion Tracking and Analytics Conversion tracking helps businesses measure their return on investment by reporting people’s actions after viewing their advertisements. Data shapes daily decisions and drives strategies in most companies. Research shows that over 55% of top marketers make decisions backed by analytics. The Smoke Exchange will provide real-time statistics and analytics to its users. This will enable users to track their conversions and statistics in real-time and allow them to quickly optimize their campaigns for maximum profit. Safe Digital Marketplace We have on board a team of professionals, experts and lawyers to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. They will monitor trading activities to ensure compliance with existing laws Page 7 and help prevent fraud and conflicts of interest. They will be available to offer users advice and help create a safe trading environment. Deposits & Payouts in BTC, ETH, & DOPE The Smoke Exchange will operate 100% on crypto currencies because they are fast and secure and have no third-party interruptions and very low transaction fees. This will ensure fast and secure transactions. Trades on the platform will be conducted using Smoke Exchange Tokens (SMX), but deposits and payouts will be available in Smoke Exchange tokens (SMX), DopeCoin (DOPE), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). Revenue Stream How do we make money? It is simple, advertisers pay the publishers to display their ads and the publisher pays the platform a commission for serving the traffic. Advertisers or publishers who decide to pay or be paid in DopeCoin will receive a 10% bonus. Page 8 Market Analysis Summary The advertising opportunity in the Cannabis industry is currently underserved which leaves a gap that the Smoke Exchange aims to address. Our objective is to provide the billion-dollar marijuana industry with the best available solution to advertise products and services. Unlike other advertising platforms that currently serve the Cannabis industry, our easy to use platform will allow website owners with a quick and easy solution to sell their traffic to product owners and service providers directly connected to their industry. The Smoke Exchange will channel resources into creating a strong sales and marketing force that will focus on bringing in new agencies, publishers, and advertisers from around the world. We realize that our biggest challenge will be from a business development standpoint so that is where the majority of our efforts will be focused. Demographics There have been widespread changes over recent years in the cannabis movement. Attitudes about the cannabis plant are changing, industries are developing and most importantly the laws regulating it are changing. A new breed of marijuana consumers is redefining marijuana culture. A Marist poll, conducted in 2017 via phone, found that marijuana users are; • 37% female; 63% male • 49% Republican; 45% Democrat • 72% earn an income of $80,000 or more • 80% employed full-time • 45% have children under sixteen years old • 68% living with a partner or married The majority of the new class of marijuana consumers see themselves as part of the new marijuana movement. They consume products that help them to be focused and enhance their social and daily experiences. Market Need The cannabis market is yet to define an affordable, comprehensive and efficient system to advertise and network with. Twitter, Google, and Facebook have all adopted advertising policies that restrict the marketing and advertising of marijuana. As a result, the market is represented by networks that are not accessing the best possible packages for their customers and operations. The fact of the matter is that we cannot even advertise this ICO on any of the mainstream platforms because it is marijuana related. Page 9 Target Market The Smoke Exchange analyzed marijuana sales data from different sources to see who is buying marijuana, how much they are spending and what they are buying. These resources would be made available to the users of the platform to enable them to make informed business decisions about the market. Our target markets are: Advertisers: Advertisers will finally be able to have control over their own marketing campaigns and will no longer have to buy expensive packages through third parties filled with low-quality traffic that does not convert. This will allow the marijuana industry to finally bring their marketing efforts back in-house where they belong. Publishers: Publishers will be given an opportunity to escape the pricing associated with going through a third party marketing agency and will be presented with higher payouts than they are currently used to getting. Agencies: Agencies will now have a self-serve platform to buy traffic for their customers and will have access to additional inventory not currently available to them. Competition There are a few successful marijuana advertising platforms, including Leafly, Weedmap, Mantis, etc. However, none of these services offer a self-serve auction like market place, and none are powered by cryptocurrencies like The Smoke Exchange. Because we provide a self-service platform, we cut out the middleman and this allows for cost savings that we are able to pass to our advertisers and publishers. Also, because we use 100% cryptocurrencies for our transactions, we also avoid 3rd party transaction fees. These cost savings allow us to provide cheaper services to our target audience. In addition to cost savings, we will focus on on-boarding a wide range of advertisers and publishers from around the world resulting in a robust marketplace, which does not exist in the current marketplace. This will be accomplished by attending as many conferences and trade shows as possible, soliciting existing connections, large-scale marketing campaigns, reverse engineering any competitors, looking for media opportunities, and the good old-fashioned way, picking up the phone. Page 10 Strategies and Implementation Our business model entails tasks and processes to help develop and implement growth opportunities within The Smoke Exchange platform. Our mission is to aggressively market our new marketplace in several different languages, from wherever marijuana is traded freely, around the world. Marketing Strategy We will run a non-traditional marketing campaign to increase awareness of The Smoke Exchange. Our campaigns will focus mainly on targeted advertisements that will appeal to the potential customers’ sense of value. Some of our marketing strategies will include: • Signature and bounty campaigns; Signature/Bounty campaigns are often organized by individuals, groups or companies who want to promote a certain coin, platform or service on Bitcointalk. • Internet and social media marketing • Collaboration with influencers • Building open assets in the marketplace • Attending conferences and tradeshows • Article marketing • Direct marketing • Print marketing • Text ads Sales Strategy We plan on building durable relationships with our customers. Our sales team will form the backbone of our company and work to onboard existing connections as well as make contact with the worlds top marijuana brands. We will train our agents to provide a knowledgeable and friendly customer service experience and focus our efforts on providing an easy to use stress-free platform. By adhering to these simple, yet effective practices, we are sure that our clientele will make The Smoke Exchange their go to platform to source and sell marijuana advertisements. Developing trust and establishing long term relationships with users will help create a loyal and large customer base. We also intend it give our users incentives to use The Smoke Exchange. Repeat customers will be offered discounted fees and the opportunity to earn some extra income through affiliate marketing. Additionally, new advertisers will be given coupons with free credit to try the platform for free. Page 11 Competitive Edge The Smoke Exchanges team of expert advisors and developers are some of the most knowledgeable in the cannabis advertising space. Work and research are ongoing to deliver a world-class global marijuana advertising exchange and marketplace, the first of its kind worldwide. The Smoke Exchange will also employ other tactics to keep us ahead of the competition. • Superior pricing: To achieve this we have methods to ensure that costs are kept low by operating efficiently. Keeping our fees low will benefit our users and ensure repeat business. We will also eliminate unnecessary services offered by the competition. • Excellent Customer Service: We will focus on creating a well-trained and capable team that is able to solve any platform related challenges as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will ensure that the on-boarding process is as easy and seamless as possible so we will be focused on creating tutorial videos and a knowledge base that helps newcomers to the platform have a positive experience. • Self-serve Platform: Having the option to actually select which placements you want and to be able to track the effectiveness of those campaigns in real time is an industry first and desperately needed. The ability to track your statistics and make adjustments as necessary will not only allow companies to maximize their profits but also bring their marketing efforts back in house where they belong. • Worldwide Reach: Currently the industry does not have any sort of option to reach customers in different languages and different countries from one centralized platform. This restricts brands and companies from easily having a way to spend their massive marketing budgets and grow their brands globally. • Easy Entrance Into Cryptocurrency: This platform allows companies with millions of dollars in advertising budget to easily enter into the world of cryptocurrency. Publishers will be paid out in crypto and can begin to experience the financial benefits of holding cryptocurrency in an emerging marketplace that is generating strong returns for investors. • Additional Marijuana Coins To Be Added: Our plan is to onboard additional marijuana-related cryptocurrencies and allow them to be used on the platform. This will allow the Smoke Exchange to facilitate and empower the industry and to bring other communities on board to share in the experience and increase trading volume. • 10% Bonus For Using DopeCoin: Because this project has been brought to life by the founder of DopeCoin and his team, any withdraws or deposits on the platform will earn a 10% bonus if DopeCoin is used. This feature will provide even lower costs to platform users and allow them to further maximize their marketing efforts. Page 12 Technology and Infrastructure To ensure that the platform is able to serve our customers efficiently, we will need some key pieces of infrastructure put in place. They include: • Mobile Apps: Having mobile apps that allow users to streamline the statistic checking process will be in demand. As such, we will need mobile apps for the primary appstores, e.g. google play and I-Tunes. • Top-Class Encryption System: Our customers expect the highest form of privacy and security for their data in our platform. Our world class cryptographers are working to finalize a proprietary encryption system that will guarantee our customers the safety of their data, increasing their trust in us. • A Responsive Website and Platform: Most platform users will use our website on a daily basis. We’ve created a quickloading, responsive website that has an easy-to-navigate interface on both mobile and PC devices. • State Of The Art Data Servers: The platform will need very quick servers to ensure that our customers’ data has enough storage and that quick and easy retrieval of this data is possible. • Cryptocurrency Web Wallets: In order to facilitate transactions on the platform we will need to develop several web-based cryptocurrency wallets. It is important to create a secure and easy to use system for users so that they can easily • Legal Team: As we prepare to facilitate the marijuana industry, which is still considered an illegal substance in many places across the world, it is absolutely crucial that we have a strong legal team on board to ensure that we play by all of the rules. Page 13 Roadmap Q1 2017 January 1, 2017 DopeCoin Gold launches and publicly announces that they will be building an advertising exchange that will accept DopeCoin as a payment method on the BitcoinTalk forums. Q2 2017 June 21, 2017 DopeCoin Gold goes from a $40,000 USD valuation to a $5 million market cap. After a price correction it still holds strong at $2.5 million providing a +2119.23% ROI for early investors. Q3 2017 July 1, 2017 Research and development of the new advertising exchange becomes the top development priority. A team of legal and technical experts is assembled to facilitate the upcoming project. Q3 2017 August 1, 2017 Prototype of the Smoke Exchange advertising platform is developed to show proof of concept and some of the features that will be available once the project is completed. Q3 2017 August 15, 2017 All aspects of an upcoming ICO are created and audited. Including the white paper, smart contracts, security and legal obligations. ICO prepares for launch in September. Q3 2017 September 15, 2017 Pre-sale is scheduled to start in late September. ICO launch will follow shortly after and last for a total of 4 weeks. There will be a 50% bonus for pre-sale participants. Q4 2017 October 20, 2017 ICO process is complete and tokens are distributed. Work continues on the platform to bring all of the blockchain technology and security features to a fully operational state. Q4 2017 October 21, 2017 Our sales and marketing teams begin the critical process of onboarding our first round of publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers to prepare for the beta launch in Q1 2018. Q1 2018 January 31, 2018 The beta version of the Smoke Exchange is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and will be available for use by new advertisers and the general public by this deadline. Q1 2018 February 1, 2018 Business development and customer acquisition become the main focus as we work on rapidly expanding into the marketplace by aggressively marketing and promoting our platform. Page 14 Benefits for Investors The investors of the Smoke Exchange platform will enjoy the following benefits; • Tremendous ROI Potential: The ICO is being priced reasonably and will enter the global marketplace with a relatively conservative market cap. There are 3 major milestones that will provide an exciting opportunity for investors. 1. Release of the Smoke Exchange Platform: Scheduled for beta release in the first quarter of 2018, the launch of the Smoke Exchange platform should prove to be an exciting time for investors as the token begins to be used for real-world advertising purchases on a daily basis. 2. Onboarding of Large Companies: The marijuana industry is booming and some of the larger companies are turning over tens of millions of dollars in revenue per year. As we work aggressively to bring on board new publishers and advertisers we can look forward to partnering up with several large companies who have millions of dollars in budget to spend on advertising and are desperately looking for ways to grow their brands. 3. Critical Mass: We will be working hard to quickly and effectively establish our presence within the marketplace and have an opportunity to provide this billion dollar industry with a better solution than is currently available anywhere in the world. If we execute correctly, we will eventually hit critical mass and intend to be the number 1 solution for the industry. • A Dedicated and Trustworthy Team: This project is brought to you by the same founder and team behind the DopeCoin project. DopeCoin is one of the original marijuana alt coins and has helped to create and pioneer this industry for the last 3.5 years. Our team has always operated with a high level of integrity and we have remained committed and passionate to our vision since the very beginning. Our mission is to continue this trend for years to come and to continuously innovate, grow, and adapt in order to consistently provide this emerging industry with real world solutions that can make an impact. • Existing Community: The Smoke Exchange and DopeCoin communities will always be strongly linked and as a result we have a tremendous amount of support from our existing user-base. Our current community is extremely active, tremendously passionate, and excited to help this project achieve success in every way possible. Page 15 Smoke Exchange Token Sales The Smoke Exchange token (SMX) is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. Your investment in this project will help to bring the platform to life and provide us with the financial infrastructure required to build out the platform and increase the use and ultimately the valuation of the token. Total tokens to be created for public sale: 24750000 SMX Total tokens to be created for developers, advisors, and bounties: 3750000 SMX Total and final amount of tokens that will be created: 28500000 SMX Any unsold tokens will be sent to a burn address and permanently eliminated from the system. Presale and Whitelist Terms By participating in the Smoke Exchange presale, you will have an opportunity to receive the largest bonuses possible during the token sale process. In order to ensure that you do not miss out on the presale, you should contact our support team with your name, email, Ethereum address, and the amount you want to contribute to [email protected] and be asked to be added to the whitelist. Whitelisted investors will receive first priority and your place on the list will be determined by your contribution amount. Presale Details Time and Date: September 30th, 2017 @ 0900 (EST) – October 9th, 2017 @ 0900 (EST) 1 Ethereum = 300 SMX tokens Presale hard cap = 10000 Ethereum Bonus for presale participants = 50% Extra tokens Bonus for presale participants investing 1000 or more Ethereum = 65% Extra tokens Public Sale Details Week 1 Public Token Sale Time and Date: To be determined Bonus for week 1 participants = 25% Extra tokens Bonus for week 1 participants investing 1000 Ethereum or more = 45% Extra tokens Page 16 Week 2 Public Token Sale Time and Date: To be determined Bonus for week 2 participants = 15% Extra tokens Bonus for week 2 participants investing 1000 Ethereum or more = 25% Extra tokens Week 3 Public Token Sale Time and Date: To be determined Bonus for week 3 participants = 7% Extra tokens Bonus for week 3 participants investing 1000 Ethereum or more = 15% Extra tokens Week 4 Public Token Sale Time and Date: To be determined Bonus for week 4 participants = No bonus Bonus for week 4participants investing 1000 Ethereum or more = No bonus Advisors & Bounties Bounty campaigns are often organized by individuals, groups or companies who want to promote a certain coin, platform or service on Bitcointalk. Smoke exchange platform users can assist by advertising on social media platform they belong to or help with certain tasks such as translating the white paper, news posts and more. A total of 5% is allocated for the bounty campaign and will be distributed after the ICO has concluded depending on the effectiveness of the campaign which our platform will track. 75% 15% 10% Token Distribution Public Sale Core Development Advisors and Bounties Page 17 ICO Funds Distribution 40% Business Development: Our main objective and focus will be building a strong team that is entirely focused on growing the user base of the platform. In order to accomplish our goals, we will be head hunting for accomplished veterans who have the experience and capability to allow the project to reach its full potential. This includes finding a legitimate CEO to spearhead the project and building a qualified sales team that is capable of putting our best foot forward at conferences, tradeshows and other events specific to the marijuana industry. 25% Software and Infrastructure: Ensuring that we have the best technology in our space is incredibly important and we will have a strong development team in place to ensure that the platform is on the cutting edge of the industry. 20% Marketing: Our marketing allocation may seem low but it is important to understand that because we are running a marijuana themed product we are not able to advertise on the traditional platforms. This is the reason we are creating this solution for the industry in the first place. Due to these restrictions, we will be focusing our marketing efforts on attracting influencers and targeting outside of the box strategies. 10% Legal and Administration: Our business model still operates in somewhat of a gray zone due to marijuana still being illegal in many parts of the world. It is important that we have a strong legal and accounting team in place to ensure that we stay compliant and keep our clients and user base safe. 5% Contingencies: There are always unforeseen challenges that arise when launching a new business and a certain amount of our budget will be allocated to deal with those types of circumstances. 40% 25% 20% 10% 5% ICO Funds Distribution Business Development Software and Infrastructure Marketing Legal and Administration Contigencies Page 18 Summary There is no question about the growth that the cannabis Industry will see in the years to come. And as a result of this growth, there is definitely going to be growth in related industries as well, which includes the Cannabis advertising industry. Currently, the billion-dollar marijuana industry is not allowed to advertise on any traditional platform such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain etc. because of the potential impact it could have on their current partnerships and user base. As marijuana becomes more mainstream in society, we see that the possibilities in this space are boundless. The Smoke Exchange is the world’s first self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. Our digital marketplace will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a realtime auction based bidding platform. Our objective is to provide the billion-dollar marijuana industry with the best available solution to advertise products and services. Our easy to use platform will allow website owners with a quick and easy solution to sell their traffic to product owners and service providers directly connected to their industry

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