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Mandala Green

Full Description

Mandala Green has the worlds largest selection of glass and smoking products.
Mandala Green is working on creating one ecosystem for all things related to cannabis consumer goods. Right now we specialize in Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Accessories, Vaporizers, and Swag. Eventually we will move to parallel markets such as cannabis growing supplies, concentrate making gear, packaging and labeling, this will make us the worlds largest multi-vendor variety shop dedicated to Cannabis. We currently have:-A Responsive Website-Sellers App (android, iOS coming soon)-Marketplace app (android, iOS)-8 million Instagram cannabis user's usernames-160k B2B Contacts-800k posts from Glass Blowers selling wares on Instagram, with profile information (Company Name, Address, Website, @Username, Bio, followers, following) I have done research on the only company located in China with a similar business model, they have 1 category for all Cannabis related items (Not good for SEO), however there is big money to be made. If you search the term "Dab Rig" 161k results will come up, the gross annual revenue from the top 100 best selling dab rigs netted 481million dollars over a year--our commission would be 48.1 Million, The top 100 selling bongs out of 316k results netting $281million in gross annual revenue.That is just 2 search terms, so we are talking about 1 site in China generating billions of dollars in annual revenue selling cannabis pipes and supplies. (They don't even spend money advertising this category, only 1 category for the entire industry, so this is also bad for SEO) We have spent nearly $250,000 in development, graphics, design, copywriting, and acquiring marketing leads.

Specific details

Year Established 2020
More business info Accepts Credit Cards, Open 7 Days a Week, Available 24 hours a Day, Offers Discounts to New Customers


United States, North America
9315 Bolsa Ave, 194, 92683