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A database that provides enhanced access to marijuana rules and regulations.

CannaRegs is a web-based subscription database that provides enhanced access to marijuana rules and regulations. CannaRegs aggregates and organizes laws from states, counties, and municipalities. By organizing the laws into distinct categories and sorting them by license type, subscribers can find the information they need in a few easy clicks!
•        Searchable Cannabis Rules and Regulations: The law on CannaRegs is searchable using three unique search functions—browse, smart search, and search laws. These search features were created by attorneys to address the difficulties encountered using conventional legal research tools. What previously took hours of research has been reduced to minutes.
•        No longer do you have to compile binders full of ordinances: CannaRegs' technology and team of attorneys are constantly monitoring the law keeping the database up to date. As new regulations and ordinances are adopted CannaRegs is the reliable source for a current amalgamated version of the law.
•        Rule-making Event Calendar: CannaRegs provides a consolidated schedule of rule and policy-making events happening around the U.S. In the first three weeks of Dec.  2016, CannaRegs covered over 160 municipal, county, and state-sanctioned meetings specific to marijuana in California alone.
•        Access to Official Publications: Where most databases provide access to the law, CannaRegs goes beyond by providing quick access to any official publications including forms, official guidance documents, industry bulletins, position statements, product recalls, etc.
•        CannaRegs Resource Tools: CannaRegs provides additional resource documents to help navigate the intricacies of cannabis rule-making.
CannaRegs is an online subscription service that simplifies cannabis laws and regulations.
CannaRegs simplifies legal research by keeping you current. 
The CannaRegs team of lawyers make over 200 updates to CannaRegs every single day. They are in constant communication with hundreds of agencies and lawmakers so the information they gather is aggregated onto one website for your convenience and their content is always as up-to-date as possible.

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Year Established 2014
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Colorado, United States, North America