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Sage Analytics

Full Description

Sage Analytics is a Cannabis Labs and Cannabis Testing Company.

Sage Analytics has developed of a new generation of portable, laboratory quality cannabis potency measurement systems.

Using technology currently used by the major pharmaceutical companies for their product and ingredient testing, Sage Analytics has created a product line that includes a small, portable desktop system that is simple to use in any location, and requires little training to obtain on-site, instantaneous, laboratory-grade accurate measurement of THC, CBD, and CBN.

Unlike any other product son the market, the Luminary™ by Sage Analytics provides instant, on-the-spot feedback, and can become a vital tool toward standardization in cannabis potency profiling, and accuracy in consumer information and labeling.

The ingenious system can be used to generate CannaMetric™ Profile results, which can be printed directly from the Luminary™ readings onto a specially designed label or receipt, and will list the percentages of THC, THCA CBD, CBDA and CBN contained in the tested samples.

The Luminary™  and CannaMetric™ Profile make it possible for everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere to easily verify the potency of many cannabis products.

Extractors, manufacturers, growers, labs, consumers, law enforcement and regulators can now get instant feedback and potency verification.


For more information on Sage Analytics, visit: or call 720-282-4550

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California, United States, North America
445 S. San Antonio Rd. Suite 103 Los Altos, CA 94022