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Custom Medical Grade Stainless Steel Ethanol Extraction Systems

At Delta Technovations, we pride ourselves in creating custom Ethanol Extraction and Winterization Systems which allow for optimized consistent performance. Why extraction of oils via ethanol? Because ethanol is the safest, most efficient way which also yields the highest quality extraction results unlike using butane or Co2. Ethanol is FDA approved and can be reused multiple cycles while still getting the ultra-pure extraction results you need. Our efficient design made of medical grade stainless steel can process 24-60 lbs. in 8 hour shift which saves about 48 hours of extra work load in post processing. No de-waxing or post-processing needed! Our model is build to ensure that neither clorophylls, nor lipids are co-extracted during the process. Unlike other butane and Co2 extraction machines, our custom design model is a pressure-less system which operates under negative pressure while also being energy efficient. Delta Technovations Custom Medical Grade Stainless Steel Ethanol Extraction System is your key for top quality oil extraction processing.

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Year Established 2017
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California, United States, North America
Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 91356