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The Law Office of Lauren C. Davis, Attorney at Law, LLC

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The Law Office of Lauren C. Davis, Attorney at Law, LLC provides marijuana business legal services in Colorado.

Having a business idea is only the beginning.

Colorado laws relating to marijuana are complex, confusing, and sometimes contradictory. It is essential to have a smart, experienced, attorney with a keen business mind assist you in turning your ideas into reality. Out our firm we are very hands on and we work very closely with every client seeking to enter the Colorado marijuana business world. We help them fine-tune and develop their business plans to create a viable, profitable strategy.

To best serve our clients, we have developed close relationships with local and state regulatory agencies, tax specialists, and other professionals to ensure we are providing the most accurate advice in this constantly changing field. Whether our clients want to start a State and locally compliant marijuana business, purchase an existing business, navigate zoning issues, ensure regulatory compliance, or need help resolving administrative citations, The Law Office of Lauren C. Davis provides extraordinary legal representation specifically tailored to each client’s individual goals.

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Colorado, United States, North America
217 E. 7th Ave Denver, Colorado 80203, 80203