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The Emerald Magazine

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The Emerald MagazineCannabis Culture ReviewYour Source for Business, Medical and Lifestyle Trends

The Emerald Magazine is your cannabis culture review guide for business, medical and lifestyle trends. The magazine is based out of the Emerald Triangle with its headquarters in Humboldt County, California. The Emerald has a readership of 15,000, and circulates throughout seven major cities in the United States. The magazine’s content features events in the Northwest, as well as regional and national news, travel destinations, progressive movement, recreational cannabis use, product reviews and medicinal coverage.

The Emerald highlights change in the industry by bridging the gap between the cannabis community and the media. The magazine intends to educate and enlighten the public on social, medical and on-going advancements, and works to establish a public tolerance and awareness as we move towards the age of legalization.

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California, United States, North America
417 Second Street #201 , 95501