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Hashman Infused

Full Description

Ingredients: At every turn, Hashman Infused is looking to use the very finest ingredients.

Our artisanal handcrafted and hand-wrapped chocolate bars are made from premium callebaut cocoa beans; the bars are all gluten free and vegan when possible. Our Hash Caps are made with vegan capsules and organic palm kernel oil. Our tinctures are made with high-grade vegan glycerin extracts and infused with medical grade cannabis extract.

Lab Tested: To ensure product safety, consistency and potency, all of our products are lab-tested by SC Laboratories and the test results are published on our website. We want patients to be comforted by the transparency of our testing and knowledgeable about their own medicine. We will continue to take steps to provide pure, safe and strong medicine.

Best in class: Hashman Infused's products, practices, research and laboratory are setting the standard for the edible cannabis industry. Our ultra clean CO2 technology, high-grade ingredients and eco-conscious practices separate Hashman Infused from the rest of the field.