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AnonymousBags are child-resistant certified & offers locking security.

Still paying each week for for plastic pouches and single-use bottles ? Our bags are designed for years of use, and provide protected and organized home storage. For all of your flower, edibles, infused drinks, wax, shatter, papers, lighters and licenses. All of our models are ASTM child-resistant certified PLUS offer the benefit of locking security. To deter kids, pets and roommates; and to minimize your liability. Safe, discreet and locking travel containers for transport by car, plane, train, hike or bike. Did you know? In most states, only containers certified to the new child-resistance standards are legally permitted to exit a dispensary with product. Fortunately, anything you put in our bags becomes immediately compliant with all existing U.S. state laws regarding dispensary exit packaging. So choose from any of our 12 different sizes according to your storage needs, then print your logo on it and make it your own. Rest assured - all of our models are fully compliant at any dispensary worldwide. Anonymous Bags - because plastic is not always fantastic !


Colorado, United States, North America
Broomfield, CO 80021