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Full Description

GreenRush connects patients and consumers to local weed dispensaries where they can buy medical marijuana online and apply for medical marijuana cards.

With over 15,000 product to choose from, you’re sure to find every kind of marijuana product you seek on GreenRush.com.

GreenRush is currently operational in California, Colorado, and Nevada, and is rapidly expanding in states with expanded medical marijuana laws. In the near future we anticipate being able to help facilitate safe access to consumers looking to buy marijuana online in markets around the world.

GreenRush’s proprietary technology provides unique solutions for medical cannabis patients, as well as providers, and brands seeking to connect with consumers looking to buy weed online.

How GreenRush Works: 

Signup: In order to buy medical marijuana online from your favorite medical marijuana dispensaries, you must first visit https://www.GreenRush.com/ and sign up to join GreenRush. You’ll need to enter your name, e-mail address, phone number, and zip code at this point. You’ll also need to enter your promo code here if you have one, as well as choose a password. Use the promo code “FreeMedicine” for an $80 credit if you don’t have a promo code! Be sure to let your friends and family members know too!

-Verification: Once you’ve began the signup process you’ll be prompted to acquire your medical marijuana card if you haven’t already done so. GreenRush has made the process of acquiring a medical cannabis card seamless, by integrating with the certified medical marijuana doctors over at https://Rush.MD/, our partners and providers of MMJ cards. The entire process takes place online, and requires no more than 15 minutes of your time. Once you’ve been verified by GreenRush’s customer success team you’ll be able to browse thousands of products, and experience a medical cannabis delivery within the hour. You may find that you have options to receive a 24 hour weed delivery in your area!

Browse: Verified members enjoy the ability to search the menus of local dispensaries for their preferred types of marijuana. Verified members can search for any local dispensary by providing their location, or entering a specific address to geolocate themselves. Browse different types of marijuana and marijuana strains, all available for delivery from local dispensaries nearby. Order from up to two dispensaries at once on GreenRush.com once you’ve acquired your cannabis card!

Order: GreenRush is the most convenient way to seamlessly order weed online from your mobile device or desktop. Your orders are tracked from the moment they are placed until the moment they arrive. Our customer success team maintains a constant line of communication with dispensaries and their drivers as they’re en route with your marijuana delivery. The only thing you need to do is order weed online and wait a little for your dispensary delivery.

Delivery or Express Pickup: Once your order is confirmed, it is tracked from dispensary to the patient’s doorstep, or from the dispensary to the patient’s hands, in regards to express pickup orders.

Online Promotion: GreenRush has more followers across all social media platforms than anyone in the cannabis industry. As a brand or partner, enjoy an all new way to engage in real-time with your patients. We offer a level on hands on consulting that rivals any in the social media space. Our social media team combines over 15 years of social media expertise. If there are people in our markets that don’t know they can buy weed online, they’ll find us first when they search on social media.

What can GreenRush do for your company:
-Establish your business online. 
-Help to identify new customers.
-Assist in defining your delivery logistics.
-Streamlined order & re-order process
-Enhanced experience for existing customers. 
-Grow your brand.
-Uniquely engage with your customers.
-Provide world class customer service.
-Virally market your company/brand via social media. We also provide analytics.

What We Offer 
-An advanced tech platform 
-Simplified one-time patient verification 
-Streamlined order & re-order process 
-Clearly defined delivery logistics 
-Superior customer care 
-Access to a new customer acquisition channel 
-A consistent means of promoting existing & new product. 

We've established a successful track record for finding new customers, generating repeat business and steadily growing the bottom line. And the bottom line is, we’re just getting started.

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