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Online Medical Card - 420 Evaluations

Full Description

Get Your 420 Evaluation From Certified Cannabis Doctor

Online Medical Card provides the quickest, the easiest and the most legit way to get a 420 medical evaluation without having to leave your home. Do you still make appointments or wait in long queues to get your medical marijuana recommendation? We’re sorry to disappoint you, but you’ve been doing it wrong all along. What if we told you that a 420 evaluation could be yours in just a click and within 10 minutes?
Yes, you heard it right. This means no more appointments or delays in getting your MMJ recommendation. Just complete our 3 step process and start buying from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California with your MMJ recommendation.
How to start?
First, visit our website Online Medical Card and fill out our simple application form. Then receive a video chat from our licensed medical marijuana doctor through phone or video chat. Then, you will receive your medical cannabis recommendation on your email address, while the hardcopy of the same would be sent to your residential address through mail.
In fact, our entire process is so simple that it can be done right from your living room or even your lunch break. Can’t beat that, can you?
What’s more? Online Medical Card makes the entire process of becoming a medical marijuana user easy and hassle free. Our 420 evaluation package includes:

State certified 420 doctors
10 minute approval time

Access to over 1000 California dispensaries within minutes of getting your medical marijuana card. What’s better than getting your MMJ recommendation without leaving your home?
Getting a complete refund of your money in case you don’t get the medical approval.

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Year Established 2001
More business info Accepts Credit Cards, Open 7 Days a Week


California, United States, North America
2001 E 1st St Ste 101, Santa Ana, 92705