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420 Cyber, Inc.

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Ranked #1 Cannabis Industry Cybersecurity & Self-serve Kiosk Badass Budtender
BADASS BUDTENDER™ kiosk has heard the cannabis industry demand for enhancing the customer experience and capturing critical decision-making data analytics as well as customer sentiment. We have sought out the best-in-class partners to deliver the industry’s premium cannabis kiosk series. Welcome to our Badass Budtender™ kiosk series.
The belief that cyber threats are pertinent only to large-scale companies could not be further from the truth today, especially for businesses operating in the cannabis industry. In recent years, cannabis industry giants and state regulators have suffered from data breaches, with costly and long-term effects for all those impacted.  Information such as tax records, social security numbers and citizenship information was compromised and published online, raising deep privacy concerns for all operators in and consumers of the industry. 
Cannabis businesses and consumers have valuable legally protected data to lose in the event of a cyber-attack. For businesses, the loss of proprietary information can have a staggering impact on operations. The desire for data from businesses operating in the cannabis industry goes beyond dispensaries, and should be a concern for cultivators, manufacturers, transportation companies and other ancillary businesses.
While dispensaries have state compliance regulations to protect themselves from cybercriminals or insider-threats accessing patient data, other companies must protect their business intelligence and data stored in emails, cloud servers, and inventory tracking systems.
For cultivators and manufacturers, cybersecurity should be of the highest importance; as these businesses shift to automated systems for growing, producing and packaging, they create additional points of entry into a company and leave themselves vulnerable to attack. Any breach of these systems has the potential to bring operations to a screeching halt. 
To put it simply, all information is valuable. Often, small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) make the mistake of assuming their data has little to no value, and that cyber-attacks are a risk only to large-scale companies. Because SMBs underestimate their risk of attack, they do not invest in compliant security to protect their digital assets and become easy prey for cybercriminals.
Below is just some of the information attackers find valuable: 

Patient information
Intellectual Property
Research and Development
Phone Numbers
Social Security Numbers
Credit Card Numbers
Transportation Information
Delivery Route Information
Driver’s License Information
Medical Information

And much, much more. 
To protect your business intelligence, whether it be research and development or patient medical information, make cybersecurity a priority. Protection does not mean breaking the bank, purchasing additional hardware, employing additional staff or maintaining multiple security programs.
420 Cyber Smart is a single solution to the threats that loom both outside and inside of your business. Making the decision to be proactive when it comes to cybersecurity will save you, your business, employees and clients from the long-lasting residual effects of a cyber-attack.

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Year Established 2018
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Nevada, United States, North America
3753 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Suite 200, 89169