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TLC Lab Supply

Full Description

TLC Lab Supply is the only test kit certified Internationally, including the US.

TLC Lab Supply-Thin Layer Chromatography Cannabis Testing Kits (CTK) Testing for the % of THC, CBG, CBN, CBD, and more in Cannabis Plants & Products made with Cannabis in them cGMP-compliant and U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Certified (USP) FDA Approved.We have been the leading supplier of Cannabis TLC testing kits for over 5 years, Providing Individuals, Dispensaries, Product Providers, Medical Suppliers, Health Organizations, Care Givers Small & Mobile labs, Universities and Research Developers World-Wide, we ship 5 days a week. We sell Testing Kits, Centrifuges, pipettes, scales and 3 size complete testing kits.We are the only test kit certified Internationally, including the USA. Due to the classification of marijuana substances by the Federal government as a Class I substance, any type of marijuana substances are illegal. Therefore, there are no Federally-regulated standardized lab-testing procedures in place. This means that no labs can be certified by the Federal government. Any lab that wants to be certified for testing marijuana substances would have to be DEA-approved and, at this point, that is not happening. So when a local GC or HPLC lab says they are certified, they may be certified as a laboratory by their state but they cannot be certified as a marijuana-testing laboratory. Superior customer service fast response time, we have sold 100's of kits to satisfied customers world wide.


Oregon, United States, North America
Medford Oregon, U.S.A