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Full Description

Cannabis NFuzed is on a not-so-top-secret mission: make cannabis more accessible
NFuzed started in 2018 and began with a vision and with one simple question: “How can we make the benefits of cannabis more available to more people?” From this question, NFuzed and its team of passionate and talented engineers and biochemists strived to find the answer. After a lot of time (and a lot of coffee-driven days), NFuzed released its first product, the cannabis-infused inhaler. We've grown over the last year, but we still go back to the question of how to make cannabis benefits more widespread to more people. We added the NFuzed THC-Infused Gummies to our product line, and we will keep looking for ways to make cannabis Njoyable. NFuzed: Njoy life. Brilliantly.

Specific details

Year Established 2018


Colorado, United States, North America
630 30th St. #A609, 80303