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Full Description

 Our Pure CBD Isolate is a crystallized powder with CBD concentrations of over 99%. Never synthetic, and never fortified, our naturally high CBD oil starts at 70% CBD and is then gently refined to remove the remaining 30% of plant material all the way down to a single molecule of pure CBD crystalline isolate. Once in the crystallized form , we then crush the CBD crystals into a pure CBD powder so that it may be used effectively and evenly distributed within product formulations.    Pure organic CBD and authentic CBD isolate is oil soluble and without any off-taste/earthy flavor typical of hemp oil, thus suitable for edibles, vape, cosmetics, and liquid formulations.  For water soluble CBD powders and liquids contact us today and learn more about our patented technologies which make us the #1 pure CBD distributors in the world!
Whatsapp: (+1 929 320 0592)
Wickr : freshcoolkid
Email: [email protected]

Specific details

Year Established 2001
More business info Open 7 Days a Week, Available 24 hours a Day, Offers Discounts to New Customers


Texas, United States, North America