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Cannabis Copywriting

Cannabis Copywriting for Dispensaries, E-commerce, B2B Who Want to Fire Up Sales Even if Your Current Content Converts like a Shattered Bong.
Your love for cannabis guided you here, didn't it?
Or did success leave its sweet taste on your tongue?
Regardless, your brand either wanders or executes within the rich soils of the cannabis revolution.Each day, eager entrepreneurs flood this expanding field of opportunity. And with competition sprouting like weeds, you think your copywriting can quickly influence your leads?Do you want to:- Expand your business and net more monthly sales?- Have your canna content discovered, shared and liked?- Not stress over your web copy's conversion rate? Right now you:- Have products you know aren't selling at peak performance.- Have a blog that's probably crumbling due to dry, infrequent content.- Struggle to capture correct words that evoke deep desire and emotion.To grasp your goals you need to:- Tap into your target markets wants and needs with words.- Have clean cut content that's SEO coated so creative yet captivating.- Plant words that speak to senses and influence thoughts to action.It doesn't matter if you:- Have a canna product you don't think can breakthrough competition- Have a growing email list but no sequence to increase your sales
- Can't write copy that's not only enticing but convincing.
Because writing persuasive copy shouldn't swallow your time! 
Remember, before diving into this promising industry, passion fueled your engine. "Pursue your passion" you told yourself. So began your stifling journey into the wild west of weed. But somewhere between mountain like hurdles, piles of research, and grappling your own destiny, you decided this path won't be walked alone.Understand, if your markets not slightly influenced by your copy, they'll quickly fulfill their cannabis cravings else ware. And that's not an option.That's why the words you plant today can yield bounties of efficacy tomorrow. If your current contents dry as shake, sales may drift away in the subtle winds of tomorrow-land. That's why you want clever yet persuasive copy. You need handpicked words that connect the dots between your product/service and your customers elicit desires.Who Am I?Names Nick, your cannabis copywriter. I help cannabis entrepreneurs intertwine their goals with words of clarity. Because your energy need not be wasted. I've helped startups push product and entertained minds through blogs. I've been copywriting for many moons plus, I'm a chronic cannabis advocate. Years back, I coined myself as that overweight, lazy stoner dude. Ambition sat on empty while time passed by like leaves in the wind. But healthy eating, writing, and a progressive mindset helped me weave webs of positive decisions. Now, lending a skilled hand to my fellow man takes shape as the ultimate plan.My copywriting service helps bridge gaps between your contents goal and what your target market wants to experience. This can mean more sales, shares, and repeat buys while you expand your glorious hempire to distant lands.What makes me different?-Fellow Marijuana enthusiastI don't just appreciate it, I live it. Because time invested in rediscovering this plant proves beneficial. From terpenes aromas to delicious recipes to strain variations, you're covered.-I'm a creative copywriterI like to write, sometimes both day and night. You need copy that grabs your prospects attention, ignites interest in your product/service, tickles desire while snuggly tucked under a blanket of ingenuity. Unique as originality gets.- I write for youAre your written words going unnoticed like white paint on white walls? Understand, it's tested technique that sows seeds of prosperity. So you get results you need, today.This service helps entrepreneurs take 2 steps forward without tripping face flat.-Stay visible in the fierce marijuana spotlight.-Move towards your income goals while positively impacting customers.-Don't waste time conjuring up relevant content.This service isn't like others. I work with you to capture and write your brands' vision. You don't have to leap freelancer to freelancer to get shit done. You just need a tailored skill set. Because doing it right in round one matters most.So here's what I can do for you:-Headlines-Product Names-Product Descriptions-Blog Posts-Web Copy-Sales Page-Landing Page-Email SequencesThis service is for You if:-You view yourself as levelheaded and ambitious.-You consider yourself laid back and easy to work with.-As a contractor, you respect me and value my style and advice.This service is not for You if:-You want a low rate freelancer who works for peanuts.-You govern freelancers like they're one of your employees.-You constantly nit-pick and seek copy revisions and adjustments.You think your canna-brand will benefit? Find out. But keep in mind, decisions you make today echo for eternity.Send me a message and let's add badass flair to your halfbaked copy.

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