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Endo Gear

Handmade Roach clips

Full Description

An online cannabis accessories subscription service.
Endo Gear is a online subscription service offering unique and common cannabis accessories for all your smoking adventures. Are you an active person, who is out and about? Or are you a weekend warrior who enjoys with friends on the weekend? Or are you a daily smoker? Well Endo Gear has something for everyone. Packed with enough supplies to make sure you get to the end of the month. No more late runs to the convenience store or an out of the way trip to the local bong shop. Everything you need for your next lifted adventure conveniently delivered to your door. Munchies included! Only available in Canada.

Specific details

Year Established 4/20 2019
More business info Accepts Credit Cards, Available 24 hours a Day


Canada, North America
No Physical Address, T1Y 4R7