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Mile HIGH Cleaner

Full Description

Natural resin remover that is organic and edible!

Next Generation Resin remover COSTS LESS than Isopropyl alcohol, cleans any surface or cannabis mess and is completely edible.
Kills germs, microbes and bacteria yet cannot harm you.
Extremely efficient formula, 50 cleanings per bottle. Just 20 drops cleans a 10" bong.

Odorless and does not irritate eyes, nose or throat.
Works on any surface acrylic, laminate, paint, tile, skin and even hair.
Cannot harm you or the planet. Work with Nature to clean Nature.
Organic, renewable and healthy. Not another toxic solvent.
Cleans any cannabis mess from trimming to dabs and all paraphernalia.
One that is endorsed and private labeled by many reputable companies!
Odorless, inert, organic, harmless and completely edible!
Based on the science of polar attraction and encapsulation.

THE new way to clean that changes resin on a molecular level

Specific details

Year Established 2015
More business info Accepts Credit Cards, Open 7 Days a Week, Available 24 hours a Day, Offers Discounts to New Customers


Colorado, United States, North America
7630 w. 25th Ave, 80214