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DC Helmet Pipes Online

Full Description

DC Helmet Pipes Online offer a quality handmade functional novelty pipe. The unique designs can be displayed on any desk or table top as a decorative collectible. Free Shipping

DC Helmet Pipes Online.  Functional,  handmade,  all metal smoking pipes. Our (4) design styles have USA only polished brass or nickel fittings.    We attach 1.75" (gum ball)  and 2" diameter (jaw breaker) size replica team helmet.   The unique designs  are one of kind and are a great gift for any sport fan.   Our sport theme pipes can be displayed on any desk or table top as a decorative collectible. We make pipes from team helmets of the NFL,  MLB, NHL, NCAA football,  NASCAR and the NBA.  Please visit our digital catalog https://dchelmetpipes.com  We have over 200 fully assembled pipes available for purchase.  Here you can see the the styles and how they are applied to the sport. Straight Pipe :  NFL, NHL, NCAA NASCAR Upright  Pipe: NFL, NCAA,  NASCAR Stand Alone Pipe : NFL, NCAA, NASCAR Wedge Pipe:  MLB, NBA       \

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Year Established 2013
More business info Accepts Credit Cards, Open 7 Days a Week, Available 24 hours a Day


North America
7454 E Granite View , 86315