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Full Description

Cannabis Connections was truly started with Love. The love involved wasn’t about dating or finding a partner, but that’s how it ended up.

You see, Kate was raised in Chicago by loving parents that just happened to be very strict. Her father was a Chicago Police Officer that made sure she went to the best Catholic schools and took her studies seriously.

She was smart and ambitious, but was also a very gentle caring person. Those personality traits ended up lighting her path in life to become the person she is today.

Fast-forward to later years and Kate had married, divorced and raised three children on her own. After moving to Phoenix she followed her passion of caring for the elderly and opened two assisted living homes.

Rewarding, as it was to take care of the elderly, seeing them suffer in their last days on this earth was the hardest for Kate. And, that’s where cannabis comes in the picture.

It started with an elderly gentleman suffering with stomach cancer. The man’s son asked if she would allow his doctor bring in marijuana to help his father with the pain. She saw first hand just how quickly it aided this man’s suffering. He actually got up from his wheel chair to dance on his birthday with his daughter the next day. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Two days later the gentleman died with virtually no pain he had been experiencing previously. Thus, Kate became a believer in the use of cannabis as a caretaker.

Fast-forward once again and Kate has been put on a new entrepreneurial path of opening one of the first Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Arizona. During the three year journey of opening the dispensary Kate lost her only daughter and her mother. She received so much help from her community that she felt compelled give back.

Kate started a charity in the name of her daughter called “Remember Ruth” to help the mentally ill and for homeless and abused animals. The dispensary has given truckloads of food and gifts for needy children at Christmas from the charity.

And, finally why Kate started this dating site!

A very attractive woman had been employed by the dispensary and signed up for a well-known dating site. After a few dates with the same man, he asked where she worked. Once he found out where she worked, he ended the friendship. Kate was perplexed to think her employment caused this man to change his mind about Love!

Today people are forced to hide the fact they use medical cannabis or even work at a dispensary. Let’s not hide anymore! Especially not with matters of the Heart! This site will be a place where people can meet knowing upfront they share a commonality.

As a cannabis user, you have a place to go to find your BEST BUD!

And, you can thank Kate later.