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Full Description

Looking for members to join our cannabis program that enables you to smoke free.
AMBECA NURSERIES members receive a starter kit, including:

1 Greenhouse - 9' X 10' X 7'
6 large, insect free, healthy 24" cannabis plants ready to bloom in 5 gallon pots
4 LED lights
1 drip irrigation system
1 tensiometer
4 soil testers
2 barometers
1 space heater
2 beams 10' long
1 oscillating fan
1 fertilizer to start and finish blooming

You cannot purchase a starter kit anywhere that includes these plants, developed by USC, allowing a way to be 100% legal and reimbursed for all growing costs through AMBECA FRANCHISE.
Benefits of our membership program includes:

Grow your own medicine - no replanting necessary and ready to bloom;
Costs far less than dispensaries;
Guaranteed large, healthy, insect-free plants in 5 gallon pots;
Consultation provided to help double your production;
Membership supplies 6 new large plants every 90 days; and
Reimbursement for all growing costs and labor through AMBECA FRANCHISE.

Disadvantages of plants purchased from growers:
Illegal - 95% of CA growers operate illegally with no inspections or guarantee of quality or success of your plants.  Our large, healthy 24" plants in 5 gallon pots are delivered to you.
Small Plants - growers usually sell 8" - 10" plants or smaller and plants become shocked when tiny and replanted.  Our 24" plants are vigorous and need no replanting.
Infestation - growers unknowingly sell infested plants.  Our plants are guaranteed healthy and insect free.
Please contact Ed Mainus, 562-725-9840; he is eager to speak with you!

Specific details

Year Established 2019


California, United States, North America
125 Grand Ave # 201, 90803