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Aloha Aina Dispensary

Full Description

Aloha Aina Dispensary offers recreational cannabis in Santa Rosa, CA.
The Hawaiian Islands evoke images of palm trees swaying in the breeze and hula dancers greeting visitors with beautiful flower leis. Allow us to transport you to a vacation in your own backyard and share some of that famous ‘Aloha Spirit’ with you at Aloha Aina Dispensary. Our founder was born and raised on the island of Moloka’i and wants to share more of Hawai’i’s cultural aspects in a way that is true to his roots.Our namesake roughly translates to ‘Love of the Land’ and our goal is to only partner with companies and farmers who are making stewardship of the land one of their priorities. Ecological sustainability, environmental sustainability, and giving back are the backbone of our Kuleana (koo-lee-ah-nah). Hawaiian is a very rich language and a single word can mean so many things, per the Hawaiian Dictionary Kuleana means:“Right, privilege, concern, responsibility, title, business, property, estate, portion, jurisdiction, authority, liability, interest, claim, ownership, tenure, affair, province; reason, cause, function, justification…”It is our responsibility but more importantly it is our privilege to share the tenets of Aloha Aina with you in Santa Rosa.

Amenities: ATM machine, On-site parking, Close to public transit, ADA accessible
Payment Methods Accepted: Cash

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlohaAinaSantaRosa
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/aloha-aina/about/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alohaainasantarosa/

Specific details

Year Established 2020
More business info Open 7 Days a Week


California, United States, North America
1954 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA, 95403