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EZ Trim

Full Description

EZ Trim is a Cannabis Trimming Equipment Company.

We started EZTRIM in 2010 with the mission to develop and bring to market a new and unique line of trimming machines that would provide growers of all sizes what they really want out of a trimmer: SPEED, QUALITY, CONTROL and PROFITABILITY. 


At EZTRIM, we strive to provide our clients the ultimate return on investment. Each of our machines are competitively priced and specially designed to provide the best, fastest trim possible without damaging the product or by-product. 


We will soon be your all stop shop for all your post harvest needs.



EZTRIM proudly manufactures all of its products right here in the USA.

Specific details


Colorado, United States, North America
2400 Industrial Ln. Suite 1500 Broomfield, CO 80020