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Trim Station

Full Description

Trim Station is a Cannabis Trimming Equipment Company.

If you have ever trimmed cannabis for any amount of time then you know how uncomfortable and tedious the process can be. Get ready for all your problems to go away when you get a Trim Station. The grower/inventors of this genius device have thought of everything that a trimmer needs and desires. There had to be a better way to get the tedious job of trimming done, but at the same time be comfortable and ergonomically correct.



Trimmers everywhere will rejoice and demand a Trim Station of their own after seeing this. Once you sit with the Trim Station either sitting comfortable on your lap or securely placed onto the custom adjustable stand, you’re ready to go. All of your tools, beverage and it even a front and center spot for your phone. There’s even a slot for charging. It is all integrated into a tray that can do it all. These folks thought of everything, including an item they call a grease ball, which is like a sponge. Add alcohol to the grease ball and now you have a surface that can easily be used to clean trimming scissors with a clean swipe. Wrist pads, tool holder, and a gridded center drop area for trim fails into the swag bag below. Each side of the tray is designed to hold both unprocessed and processed buds. Trim Stations are customized and come in a variety of colors:green, black, green camo, pink, and purple. Get yours today by going to www.trimstation.com

Specific details


Nevada, United States, North America
59 Damonte Ranch Parkway., Suite B-146. Reno NV 89521