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Full Description

O.penVape is a Cannabis Vaporizer Company.

(The Original) O.PEN VAPE: Sleek, subtle, vaporizing pen that uses disposable CO2 Honey Oil cartridges. It has a small form factor and is capped with a stylus, making it both unobtrusive and versatile.

RESERVE CARTRIDGE: Our premium offering of ultra-refined oil. Pure in its formulation, Reserve is for the true connoisseur. This is simply the finest extracted oil available.


GO.PEN PLUS: Load-your-own concentrate portable vaporizer. It is the "utility knife of portable vaporizers," giving you the ability to vaporize a wider variety of concentrates, including oil. The go.pen PLUS is available in a matte finish in five O.mazing colors!


Colorado, United States, North America
1058 Delaware St. Denver Co 80204 USA