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New Era CPAs, LLP

Full Description

New Era CPAs, LLP is a Cannabis Accounting Services Business.

New Era was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our experience allows us to serve clients in all stages at a high level through the application of corporate disciplines and high standards of excellence. Our unique background and experience sets us apart. We not only have the firsthand experience of taking an idea and turning into a successful business. But we also have years of experience working at large corporations and also working with them while at national firms. This unique combination of experience allows us to provide advice and input that you would not receive from a traditional one-dimensional tax firm or accountant. Our team can lend valuable industry expertise to help save you time and money while also developing a successful business. Our thinking is as well driven on the concepts of innovation and evolution as we seek to redefine the CPA ? Client relationship in the New Era. Entrepreneurialism is thriving and we provide cutting edge solutions and tools allowing clients to navigate as efficiently as possible through the uncertainty and perceived barriers to operating a successful business. Our approach to client service is uniquely tailored to maximize our ability to serve you and your business. Thank you for checking out our website and seeing how we can help you. Feel free to call or email us with any quesitons or needs. -The New Era Team

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United States, North America