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Global High Risk Solutions

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MMJ Banking - FinCEN certified Stored Value Facility (SVF)Full Service Merchant Processing and MMJ Banking

Banking revenues from the legal sale of cannabis and it's byproducts, have never been illegal -  just difficult... and a little scary.

It is true, banking revenues from the “legal” sale of Cannabis has never been illegal; however, it is both complicated and greatly

misunderstood.  With new ideas, products and services popping up all the time it is hard to keep up and even more difficult to know

what is right for you.  At Global High Risk Solutions, our main objective is your banking needs.

We offer a fully FinCEN certified Stored Value Facility (SVF) solution.  We only board currently state licensed and approved dispensaries

and require valid state dispensary nonprofit or re-seller documents for each dispensary. As a FinCEN registered institution, everything is transparent and reported to the US Treasury Department, a process that will help you to maintain FinCEN compliance.

 Our underwriting process  takes  10 to 15 business days and doesn't begin until the state verifies the business as in good standing.

Once approved and set up, we provide you with the software that allows you to run a variety of reports to remain totally compliant and

transparent with FinCEN. If you already have a bank account, we can integrate our processing service to be directly deposited into your current


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