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Pete Kici Financial

Full Description

Unsecured working capital for the Cannabis industry
We lend in the cannabis industry up to 4 MillionWe know getting the right financing could be a challenge for your cannabis business or your clients in this business? We also believe we may have the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide variety of business loans solutions from credit lines, short term, and long term loans to cash advance solutions for all types of needs regardless of credit. We’ve helped solve many common and complex financing problems. Our business loan solutions are tailored to you or your clients business needs in the Cannabis Industry. If you are interested to learn more, can we hop on a quick call to see if there could be a right fit for your business or the clients you currently serve certainly no obligation on your part and the call is Free, or you can text the number below or even email me? Thanks, Pete

Specific details

Year Established 2018


Florida, United States, North America
784 Mills Estate Place , 32766