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The McCurdy Group

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The cannabis business is like no other. Get the experienced help you need.
We know what you want: Success in the legal cannabis industry.
But what does cannabis industry success mean to you?
For many, it means making a lot of money and building a thriving cannabis business. Or, it can mean helping thousands of people in need of relief. It can mean leaving a legacy for future generations. For most, it’s about being on the forefront of the largest emerging industry since the Internet. Above all, it’s looking back years from now at how fortunate you were to be in the right place at the right time.
Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You see, we’ve met plenty of cannabis operators who have the capital and business sense to get started. But many of them quickly encounter unique industry challenges they never considered. For example, they almost always run into issues with compliance and operations. And they struggle with the unique audience makeup and consumer expectations that are found only in this complex industry.
The legal marijuana industry is unlike any other. So, seeing success in another business doesn’t guarantee success with cannabis. In fact, everything from corporate operations and finance, to marketing and customer interactions have specialized needs in this industry. And your best chance for success comes from learning to work within the weirdness of the marijuana industry. That’s why The McCurdy Group exists. We help cannabis industry operators navigate the unique, ever-changing waters of this exciting business and find success (however you define it).
What sets us apart from other cannabis industry consulting firms?
The McCurdy Group offers a one-of-a-kind, proven approach that recognizes two distinct sides of the cannabis industry: 1. The need for efficient, professional operations that mimic conventional corporate structures. And 2. The massive, well-established community around marijuana that insists on buying from companies who understand them and support their lifestyle.
Bottom line: You can’t run your business’s back-end like a stoner, and you can’t run the front-end like a corporate suit. Therefore, your key to success is in knowing how to balance the two parts of your cannabis enterprise perfectly. And we have that key ready and waiting for you!
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Year Established 2018


Arizona, United States, North America
1910 E Cashman Rd, 85024