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Hemp remains one of the most versatile natural resources on the planet.

For thousands of years this vital crop was never questioned as to it's validity and necessity as a resource and commodity throughout ancient and recent societies.

Since becoming a social/political game piece in the last century, particularly in the one country which does not produce Hemp domestically; America, Hemp has slowly come full circle and has realized a rebirth in social consciousness. 

The important usefulness of this amazing crop for tools, food, fuel, clothing, shelter and a seemingly endless variation of products has taken hold of the ever growing "Green Consciousness" throughout society.

With hemp fabrics taking the fashion world to new levels for designer furniture and textiles producing ever finer cloths and fabrics for manufacturers and clothing companies to work with, entrepreneurs producing quality hemp products for food preparation and consumption all the way to the people making Hemp bricks to build someones home and even the rope EVERY Navy in the world must have to operate on the oceans (......we're serious, Google it.) It's obvious.......

Hemp is here to stay and claim it's right as "...A Plant of Renown."

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