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Centurion Pro Solutions Inc

Full Description

Centurion Pro Solutions Inc is a Cannabis Grow Equipment Company.


Portability - Weighing a fraction of our competitors machines, our trimmers are small enough to fit into any size vehicle.

Security / Cost Efficiency - Each Centurion trimmer replaces the need to hire approximately 15-40 people depending on which trimmer you have. From the mighty "mini" to the work horse Gladiator, each trimmer will provide the quality, speed and security to keep your profits growing.

Speed/Quality - No other trimmer on the market provides the speed and precision of our machines.

Less Waste - Where hand trimming tends to disregard small pieces, our machines safely trim even skittle sized product.

Design - Our machines are designed to function with only one motor, which means they use less electricity.



Our machines are engineering masterpieces. Their triple-cut system ensures that trimming is accomplished quickly and thoroughly the first time. This efficiency means saving time and money.

Specific details


United States, North America