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Full Description

ExAltMed is the place where you can get the Medical Marijuana Card.

ExAltMed is the place where you can get the treatment for complex Adult and Pediatric Care with medical marijuana. ExAltMed Consists board-certified pediatrician – MD Eric J Exelbert. Dr. Exelbert is also registered in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, which means he is permitted to authorize the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients. Dr. Exelbert has vast experience as the best pediatrician. He always puts his all effort as well as best-interests to care your child with Traditional pharmaceuticals, Medical marijuana, Hemp-derived CBD. In critical medical cases, ExAltMed provides you the best care in fast mode with conventional medical options such as Palliative therapy, Medical marijuana and Lifestyle/behavioral modifications. In your medical condition, medical marijuana could help you then ExAltMed helps to give you a medical marijuana card in Florida to treat your condition or ease your discomfort.

Specific details

Year Established 2015


Florida, United States, North America