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Viola Launches Viola Cares with National Nonprofit Organization Root & Rebound

On Feb. 26, Viola, a nationwide leader in the production and sale of premium quality cannabis products, founded by NBA veteran Al Harrington, announced the official launch of its social equity initiat

urban-gro, Inc. Announces Closing of US$6 Million Debt Financing

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRESS RELEASE -- urban-gro, Inc., an engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high-performance indoor cann
The Texas Department of Public Safety said last week that it would not perform testing to distinguish between hemp and marijuana in misdemeanor cases.The Texas Department of Public Safety is almost ready to roll out its long-awaited lab test to tell
Dab Rig is gaining intense popularity among the people. Everyone is craving to get hands-on this fabulous artwork. Smoking a Dab Rig gets you high in a short time and gives you the essential kick that you need.What is Reclaim?Dab Rig often ends up ge...
A Denver-based company hopes to be the state’s first to study the effects of marijuana on Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to a newly available research and development license in the city.MedPharm Holdings plans to apply for a Denver marijuana R&D licens
Jarros Friedel has his medical marijuana card and has been experimenting with recipes that go beyond the standard of gummies and brownies. One of the recipes the co-owner of Guyute's in Oklahoma City has been working on is a chicken confit.He makes t
Maine's medical marijuana industry is twice as big as expected. Only lobsters and potatoes beat it in revenue.Medical cannabis has been legal in the state for two decades, but now state regulators have given the industry its own tax category.It's tru
Medical marijuana is known to stir up controversy among healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers.Several states are yet to legalize medical marijuana and do not allow the sale of marijuana products in the State.With 22 States legalizin
Veterans are pushing back against a proposal backed by Florida House leaders that would limit the amount of THC in medical marijuana, an effort they say is not based on science and could be harmful to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.Hous
The cannabis industry, like so many global concerns, is dependent on labor in China’s factory zones.The scope of the crisis now facing China is truly staggering, and clearly poses a threat to the country’s generation-long thrust of prodigious economi
Almost 60% of US healthcare providers feel negatively about medical cannabis, while less than 12% view it positively.These results, the product of a survey reported in the forthcoming March 2020 issue of Preventative Medicine, provide a startling ins
How is a cop supposed to tell the difference between a consumer using a legal product, and an illegal consumer using or transporting a product from the illicit market?Law enforcement wants to take marijuana-intoxicated drivers off the road. But roads
The sale of recreational marijuana in Illinois generated $7.3 million in cannabis tax revenue last month, the Illinois Department of Revenue announced Monday.The Revenue Department also reported that an additional $3.1 million was generated in retail
Americans may want to rethink the stereotype of the pot-loving teen: More U.S. seniors are using the drug now than ever before.The proportion of folks 65 and older who use pot stands at 4.2%, up from 2.4% in 2015, according to figures from the U.S. N
The Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana expects to complete a crucial public survey on whether cannabis should be legalized by mid-April.The commission was split on whether adult-use cannabis should be legalized. It agreed to put the matter to a
A new report from Statistics Canada adds to a growing body of evidence that marijuana legalization dissuades adolescent use.It would be wrong to state that marijuana legalization causes a drop in teenage use, due to a lack of rigorous scientific stud
Here are the best new cultivars and clones to grow in 2020 -- selected based on interviews with the world’s most influential breeders, what’s available legally in stores and online, and data trends in popular strains.Legalization’s onward march into
A team of researchers have created a ‘hemp scanner’ that can determine the level of THC in cannabis plants instantly, without damaging any of the product.Hemp is technically legal in Texas, but proving that hemp is not cannabis can be a hurdle, requi
A Jakarta-based activist is campaigning to change public perceptions and Indonesian policy so that patients suffering from chronic disease and pain can also access the potentially life-changing treatment.Dhira Narayana of Lingkar Ganja Nusantara, Ind
Experts are cautioning companies to shore up their security practices and for consumers to be mindful of opportunities that seem too good to be true.Cannabis is an emerging industry with stratospheric growth expectations.Like the California Gold Rush
With the opioid crisis on the minds of communities and governing bodies all over the United States, a New York doctor shares how marijuana is impacting his patients and business.With stringent new regulations on prescribing opioids, many pain doctors
This time last year, it appeared that Colorado's industry was plateauing. Now it's surging.Colorado cannabis shops notched sales of nearly $1.75 billion during 2019, setting a new annual sales record for the state home to the nation's longest-establi
Veterans fighting for looser cannabis laws took to the Capitol today for an impromptu Lobby Day as the discussion about the medical benefits of the plant loom in the general assembly.Advocates with the Veterans Cannabis Project discussed what they ca
With the burgeoning marijuana industry comes new jobs. And most everyone taking these jobs is entering the industry for the first time.When Gene Ray was studying biology at Fisk University in Nashville, he started to use marijuana regularly.At the ti
The proposed NFL collective bargaining agreement reportedly features far less stringent policing of marijuana use by players.According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the proposed CBA calls for "dramatically reduced penalties, with suspensions h
When people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) consume more medical marijuana they tend to use fewer prescription drugs, including powerful, habit-forming psychostimulants, according to a new study.Patients who used medical cannabis
“Hemp and marijuana has really come to the forefront in a lot of economic sectors in the country. We’re not pro-cannabis or anti-cannabis. What we’re about will be the science, and training students to look at that science.”The American International