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First Major Asian-American Owned Cannabis Enterprise in Northern California Partners With Agnetix Lighting Technology for Three Large-Scale Greenhouses in 2021

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 23, 2021 — PRESS RELEASE — Agnetix, a pioneer in data-driven horticulture lighting technology, has been selected as primary lighting partner by BP Logistics, currently constructing several new cannabis greenhouses and indoor grows totaling over 110,000 square feet in the San Francisco area for a total of over 2,000 high-powered A3 luminaires. 

BP Logistics is a California-licensed cultivation group owned by Minh Mai, CEO, and Chauncey Man, chief operating officer. Along with their team of experienced cultivators, the high-energy pair is determined to bring Asian cultivators to the northern California cannabis market with a forward-thinking grow strategy. Selecting Agnetix A3, one of the world’s most energy-efficient and most powerful LED horticultural grow lights, will ensure they have a significant advantage. This partnership marks a pivotal step in the team’s plan to develop technology-forward and sustainable facilities powered by energy-efficient and intelligent systems including lighting, HVAC, water management, nutrient control and data capture. 

“Agnetix is by far the best grow lighting system on the market today,” Mai said. “The A3 water-cooled lighting system delivers a tremendous amount of high-quality light that benefits our plants while greatly reducing our carbon footprint.”

The team chose Agnetix as its primary lighting and cultivation management system for its high-energy efficiencies and data visibility. Agnetix provides a full suite of value-added benefits and a one-of-kind decision support system, employing energy-efficient LED lighting, canopy-level sensors, networking technology and data analytics.

“As we make this major shift in our model, having Agnetix as our partner will provide us with a sure path to exceeding our business goals,” Man said. “The superior level of customer service from the Agnetix team is unparalleled.”

Agnetix CEO Jordan Miles said, “We are thrilled to partner with this team and support their unique vision for sustainable growing facilities. Crop visibility, data-driven insights and remote control are just a few ways we endeavor to mitigate risks across all of their growing facilities and provide a greater peace of mind.”

For more information about the Agnetix A3 water-cooled lighting system, visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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