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Sweet Jane’s Brunch adds a new dimension to the leisurely Sunday Brunch. We begin with infused specialty Mocktails (non-alcoholic) created by Top Shelf Budtending. Guests will experience one of the unique aspects of the Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle a traditional brunch buffet infused with cannabis in an intimate consumption friendly venue.

The traditional buffet includes both infused and non-infused selections. Infused dishes are delicately seasoned with small doses of cannabis strains that enhance and compliments the dish’s flavors. The cannabis sommelier will explain the quality of each strain used in the side dishes. You will have the opportunity to see and smell the cannabis used in each dish, as well as, smoking samples. The herbal nuances are more defined in smoking and will be distinguishable to both the aficionados and the novice.

EVERY SUNDAY beginning January 14
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