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Hawaii Senate Passes Adult-Use Bill 23 Years After Medical Legalization

The legislation now heads to the lower chamber, where the House Speaker could delay its advancement in hopes of a “comprehensive” bill this summer.

No Dice in Oklahoma: Voters Shoot Down Adult-Use Legalization Question

A special election called solely for the statewide question of cannabis legalization resulted in a resounding "no" from voters.

Matt Engel at MOCA Humboldt Talks About Cultivating Wookies and Grape Cookies

The cultivars placed in the THCa and CBGa award category at the 2022 California State Fair Cannabis Awards.

8 Steps to Create a Winning License Application

Experts at Cannabis Conference shared what it takes to successfully navigate the application process and secure a cannabis business license.

Delaware Legislature Begins Working Toward Legalization—Again

The House approved a pair of companion bills this week that would establish an adult-use market in the state.

Cannabis Conference Introduces 2023 Education Program

The industry-leading event will provide plant-touching businesses with actionable takeaways to survive and thrive in the ever-changing cannabis market.

Building a Sustainable Business: Q&A With Harvest of OH’s Ariane Kirkpatrick and Amonica Davis

The CEO and COO of the Ohio-based medical cannabis operator share what drew them to the industry, how they’ve approached the business and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Opening of Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary in Ithaca

A justice-impacted licensee is to open the newest dispensary outside of New York City.

How Insa’s Kevin Sparks Works: Cannabis Workspace

Kevin Sparks, head grower and production manager for Insa in Shamokin Dam, Penn., shares his journey into the cannabis space and his favorite cultivation tools and techniques.

After Oklahoma, the Cannabis Industry Eagerly Awaits Legalization Action Elsewhere

Attorneys share their reactions to state legislatures considering legalization, what they make of voters rejecting an adult-use market in Oklahoma, and what it all means for federal policy reform.

Outstanding Debt Between Cannabis Licensees Must be Paid, Colorado Regulators Warn

The state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division issued a bulletin clarifying contract enforceability after a series of ignored industry invoices.

Colorado Operators See 'Bubble Deflating' as Cannabis Prices Continue to Fall

Licensed cultivators and retailers making painful cuts or ceasing operations as cannabis prices and revenues keep declining.

UPDATE: Kentucky Medical Cannabis Bill Passes Senate

The Senate approved S.B. 47 March 16 in a 26-11 vote.

US Lawmakers Reintroduce Bipartisan Bills to Regulate CBD

The reintroduction of the measures comes after the FDA called on Congress to regulate CBD in dietary supplements, conventional foods and animal products.

California Cannabis Operators in Peril as American Dream Turns to Nightmare

Despite serving time in federal prison, Huckleberry Hill Farms owner John Casali said California’s regulated market has become more stressful than the illicit.

Legislation in Washington Would Create 100 Cannabis Licenses for Social Equity Applicants

The bill follows changes that regulators implemented last year to the state’s social equity program.

$20 Million Donated to Help California Growers Restore and Conserve Properties

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife donated $20 million to help restore and conserve growers' properties and help limit the number of illicit grows.

New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Legislation to Provide Tax Relief to Cannabis Industry

A bill headed to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk would allow businesses to deduct certain expenses on their state tax returns.

Las Vegas Approves Cannabis Consumption Lounge Regulations

The seven-member City Council approved the ordinance March 1.

Tennessee Medical Cannabis Bill Dies in Senate Judiciary Committee

The GOP-sponsored measure failed Feb. 28 on a nearly party-line vote.