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Solexx/Adaptive Plastics, Inc

Full Description

Solexx/Adaptive Plastics, Inc is a Cannabis Tents, Greenhouses & Grow Containers Company.

Solexx benefits your plants and your bottom line. You’ll see the results in your energy cost savings, improved plant growth and time and labor saved in greenhouse covering repair and replacement.


One of the Solexx benefits is that Solexx diffuses the light creating a soft even light throughout the greenhouse for better plant growth. Eliminates plant burning.Superior Light Diffusion Solexx™ creates highly diffuse light proven to accelerate plant growth. The light spreads evenly into every corner of the greenhouse. Plants will not burn and they get even healthy growth.

Specific details


Oregon, United States, North America
3740 Brooklake Rd NE Salem, OR 97303