When and how do I receive my MjLink and WeedLife common stock shares?

If you invested in MjLink.com, Inc. through the Regulation A+ offering in 2021, you have already been issued your common stock shares and the stock certificate that represents your securities holding.  You can find your stock subscription agreement and your stock certificate by logging into your shareholder account at: https://www.mjlink.com/ir/

On September 25th, 2022 management completed a spinoff of WeedLife.com and HempTalk.com into a new sister company of MjLink, named WeedLife, Inc.

As a shareholder of MjLink you will be receiving an equal number of common stock shares in WeedLife, Inc. that you currently hold in MjLink.  Those WeedLife, Inc. shares will then match the value of the MjLink shares that you purchased in 2021.

As an example, if you purchased $5,000 worth of shares at $2.50 (totaling 2,000 MjLink common stock shares), you now have the 2,000 MjLink common stock shares as well as your newly issued 2,000 common stock shares in WeedLife, Inc.

Over the next 6 weeks (from October 1st through November 15th), you will receive a phone call and email notifying you that your WeedLife, Inc. stock issuance has been processed.  Management has already completed the steps for booking your shares in the new WeedLife, Inc. cap-table so that in the event WeedLife, Inc. is sold soon, your newly issued WeedLife, Inc. common stock shares are in your name.

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