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On February 20th, MjLink executed a letter of intent to be purchased by a U.S. based company currently operating in the hemp and cannabis industry.

As part of the terms in the LOI, the name of the acquiring cannabis company, and the details of the proposed acquisition, will remain private until the that company makes a public announcement to their shareholders.

In the meantime, both parties are working on the final details that will be added to their Definitive Purchase Agreement.

In follow up to the, Inc. acquisition update and WeedLife spin-out of MjLink into its own company:
If you have been following along with our progress updates to sell MjLink these pasts few quarters, you know that we have been engaged by a company in the cannabis industry to purchase MjLink.

Our management team announced in October of this past year, that because shareholders would be better served if only two divisions were sold under the MjLink brand ( and, while the two remaining divisions of MjLink ( and were sold to a different company looking to acquire cannabis and CBD related companies, we would be spending the coming months completing the spin-out as well as finalizing the MjLink acquisition.

As a reminder to the December 2022 update to shareholders, on September 25th, 2022 MjLink's board of directors completed a spinoff of and into a new company, WeedLife, Inc.

To that, we are finishing the due diligence and acquisition conversation with Saving Grace CBD (, by WeedLife, Inc.

As a shareholder of MjLink you will be receiving an equal number of common stock shares in WeedLife, Inc. that you currently hold in MjLink.  Those WeedLife, Inc. shares will then match the value of the MjLink shares that you purchased in 2021.

As an example, if you purchased $5,000 worth of shares at $2.50 (totaling 2,000 MjLink common stock shares), you now have the 2,000 MjLink common stock shares as well as your newly issued 2,000 common stock shares in WeedLife, Inc.

We have experienced delays during the month of January 2023 that prevented the IR team to contact shareholders via phone call and email, to update them on their MjLink and WeedLife stock issuance by way of the new transfer agency, Clear Trust Transfer Agency.  Management has already completed the steps for booking your shares in the new WeedLife, Inc. cap-table, so you can rest assured that your WeedLife, Inc. common stock shares are now booked in your name. The IR team will work through this process during the month of February 2023.  So thank you for your patience. We should have this completed in the last week of February and/or first week of March.

Additionally, with the new transfer agency in place the MjLink acquisition will go smoother for the transfer of shares to the acquiring company.  News about the MjLink acquisition is coming, so stay tuned for more updates during the 1st quarter of 2023. We are very excited about the growth plan for MjLink post the acquisition, including an international cannabis industry conference series that will be launched by the new owners of MjLink.

In the meantime, management has been moving forward with the acquisition of MjLink ( and by the acquiring company, and we will announce additional details to all shareholders as the details become available.

Please continue to stay tuned in to emails and the platform!

Please use this link to read the latest press release from December 27th, 2022 about the Saving Grace CBD acquisition by WeedLife.  This will be the 1st of many CBD company acquisitions that WeedLife conducts.


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