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ACS Laboratory Announces New THC-O Acetate Safety Bundle

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BOCA RATON, Florida, January 19, 2022 - PRESS RELEASE - ACS Laboratory, a cannabis and hemp testing facility in the eastern U.S., has developed the THCOa Safety Bundle Test, a testing panel to test for THC-O acetate (THCOa), acetic anhydride, and other specific cannabinoids. With the THCOa Safety Bundle, ACS Laboratory now tests for a total of 22 cannabinoids.

"When creating our THCOa Safety Bundle, we not only took the time to create a method for THCOa, but also a method for the potential harmful chemical, acetic anhydride, that is used as a reactor–to ensure safety and purity for the consumer and for ACS Laboratory to continue to be a good corporate citizen," said Roger Brown, ACS Laboratory president. "Although there is excitement surrounding this cannabinoid, safety is our main priority, and we strongly encourage suppliers to test beyond potency to ensure safety."



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