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CERTIFIED HEMPCO COOPERATIVE INCORPORATED is a California Incorporated Agricultural Producers Cooperative, facilitating business of industrial hemp and herbal medicine products and services. We're working to unite industrial hemp, marijuana and other herbal product producers with registered patients, manufactures and herbal medicine providers, through a strict and legal union in accordance with state laws, codes and regulations where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical use.

HEMPCO COOPERATIVE is a membership based co-op for producers of industrial hemp and herbal medicine products. HEMPCO is a network of cultivators, caregivers, industrial hemp and marijuana product producers, coming together cooperatively to provide services for the U.S. Government, registered patients, certified retailers and manufactures of foods, beverages, paper products, textiles, body care products, construction materials, fuels, seeds and other industry related products.

Operating strictly in accordance with California state Agricultural Co-Op Corporation Law, Health and Safety codes, and codes of other industrial hemp and marijuana legal states. We offer our members Support, Safety and Security, in Education, Financial services, Legal Services, and other business related services, along with Product Discounts from member retailers and partners. HEMPCO gives you a voice within a union of members to inspire and innovatively change the marijuana and industrial hemp industry. We offer 24 hour member support to assist members with industry related questions and issues. HEMPCO is dedicated to changing the hemp industry by incorporating all the diverse qualities of the cannabis plant, through innovative ideas created by our members and CERTIFIED HEMPCO Co-Op, Research and Developement Department. Through educating, creating, entertaining, marketing, consulting and our charity donations, HEMPCO makes positive and innovative contributions to the hemp industry, benefiting our members, humanity and world economies..
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